Pollination of Cherry Trees

We grow a good range of self fertile sweet Cherry Trees that do not need to be pollinated.  cherry tree
However, more than half of our range, including all the earliest cropping cherries, will need a pollination partner to bear fruit.


Pollination Groups:
Cherry trees will cross pollinate with trees in the same pollination group & the Pollination groups next to it.

For Example:

  • A tree in group B will cross-pollinate with trees in groups A, B & C
Name Harvest Pollination Group Fertility
Early Rivers Early A Self Sterile
Knight's Early Black Mid B Self Sterile
Merton Glory Mid B Self Sterile
Amber Heart Early C Self Sterile
Merton Bigarreau Mid C Self Sterile
Van Late C Self Sterile
Excellent Pollinator
Colney Late D Self Sterile
Lapins Cherokee Mid D Self Fertile
Bigarreau Napoleon Late D Self Sterile
Poor Pollinator
Penny Late D Self Sterile
Skeena Late D Self Fertile
Stella Late D Self Fertile
Excellent Pollinator
Summer Sun Late D Self Fertile
Sunburst Late D Self Fertile
Sweetheart V Late D Self Fertile
Kordia Mid E Self Sterile
Morello (Sour Cherry) Late F Self Fertile
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