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Thyme, Doone Valley

In Stock

Thyme, Doone Valley Thymus x citriodorus Doone Valley From £4.49
Thyme, Golden Queen

In Stock

Thyme, Golden Queen Thymus x citriodorus Golden Queen From £1.59
Thyme, Silver Posie

In Stock

Thyme, Silver Posie Thymus vulgaris 'Silver Posie' From £4.49
Thyme, Silver Queen

In Stock

Thyme, Silver Queen Thymus x citriodorus Silver Queen From £1.59
Thyme, Tabor

In Stock

Thyme, Tabor Thymus pulegioides Tabor From £5.99
Thyme, Common

Out of Stock

Thyme, Common Thymus vulgaris From £1.59
Thyme, Compactus

Out of Stock

Thyme, Compactus Thymus vulgaris 'Compactus' From £1.59
Thyme, Collection

In Stock

Thyme, Collection Mix of 6 Thymus Varieties From £11.97

Thyme is a sun loving herb that grows best in poorer soils, ideal for pots and rockeries. It's added to stews and roasts, especially great with chicken, and used as a marinade for cheeses such as feta and halloumi. You can use citrus with thyme to impart an earthy note to cakes, biscuits and other sweet recipes.

Thymol, contained in the essential oil of thyme, is a common ingredient in mouthwash, used for its antiseptic properties, and dried thyme has been used in bandages forever. 

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