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Canna x generalis Cannova series F1-Hybrids 

Cannas are wonderfully showy and exotic, with foliage like a smaller version of banana leaves, and strikingly bright flowers all summer, well into Autumn. The Cannova range is without a doubt the best choice for outdoor growing in the UK, having been bred over 15 years by Takii Europe in the Netherlands. No other cannas will perform so well in a cloudy, cool British summer.

They are tender, and whether you need to dig up the rhizomes each year or can leave them in the ground with a good blanket of mulch really depends on where you live, so it's worth experimenting even in colder regions. The advantage of not leaving them in the ground overwinter is that you can plant them back out when the soil is warm, which actually gives them a head start over plants that start to wake up in cold soil. For convenience, many people grow cannas in pots, so they can easily move them into shelter for the winter.

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