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Garden Trees

Ornamental Garden Trees for Sale

Mature ornamental trees are one of our specialities, and we probably sell more garden trees online than anyone else. The big trees for sale in the sections below are the largest, most mature starting sizes that you can order from us. And our range includes trees for small gardens, parkland and woodland trees and flowering trees... More...

All of these ornamental trees are measured in standard sizes, which means that they are graded by their girth in centimetres, not their height. Read more about how Standard trees are measured here.

Please note that we cannot accurately tell you how tall your trees will be before you order them, except to say that almost all the standards we deliver are between 2.5-5 metres high.

Big specimen trees are always delivered & planted bareroot during winter and spring (Nov - early April).

Planting Large Trees:
Our Tree Planting Video will explain it all. Remember that all big trees need a stake and at least one tree tie to support them during their first couple of years. A biodegradable mulch mat is recommended for all new trees, especially if it will be difficult to weed around them. You can save money on stakes, ties and mulch mats by buying them all together in our tree planting pack. Whatever your soil we also strongly recommend using Rootgrow to help your trees establish. We think it is probably the single most effective thing to use at planting time and its effects last the life of the tree. 

Which Size of Standard Should I Buy?
Our specimen trees are delivered in two sizes: a light standard with a girth of 6-8cms and a regular standard with a girth of 8-10cms. Our advice is:

  • If you are planting a few trees in your garden, where it will be easy to care for them by watering them, weeding and mulching around them, then you can choose the larger 8-10cm sizes with confidence.
  • If you are planting standard trees in a large project or at a site where watering them will be inconvenient, we suggest that you either use the smaller 6-8cm sizes, or see if the trees you want are available in even smaller sizes our hedging section. It is still vital to water new trees during their first summer, but the younger trees will be better at coping with low maintenance.

What is the difference between a Standard Tree and the saplings in the Hedging Plant section?

Many of our standard trees are also available as young saplings in the Hedging Plants section. The differences are that the standard tree is larger and more mature and was selected for the straightness of its trunk and for its branch formation. The saplings from the Hedging section come froma "broader church" but with care most cn be trained into standard trees given a few years.

All of our Bareroot Ornamental Standard Trees are covered by our Guarantee.

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