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The bareroot winter planting & delivery season is here: Order your trees today!

The current Winter planting season until Spring 2022 is the first leg of the Queen's Green Canopy campaign to promote planting trees in honour of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. This once in a lifetime occasion will increase the number of trees in the UK by millions, and you can be part of it even with a small variety.

Bareroot trees in the larger standard sizes are one of our specialities. The range below includes trees for small gardens, parkland or woodland, and flowering trees.

What is the difference between a Standard Tree and the Saplings in the Hedging Plant section?

Many trees are available as more mature standards listed below, and also as younger saplings, which are listed over in the Hedging Plants section.

The standard trees are larger, more mature, grown and selected for the straightness of their trunk and high branch formation. Standard trees are measured by their girth 1 metre above the ground, and young saplings are measured by height. Therefore, a 6/8cm Standard tree is much bigger than an 60/80cm sapling tree or hedge plant. 

Young sapling trees from the hedging section can be trained into standard trees, given a few years and usually some pruning to ensure they have a single, straight trunk.

Standard trees give you instant impact, and most of the named cultivars of a given species are only available in standard sizes, so you can buy wild Field Maple, Acer campestre, as both young saplings and large standards, but you can only buy a cultivar, say Acer campestre 'Royal Ruby', as a standard.

To add interest to a new row of trees, you cannot beat a range of garden bulbs.

All our trees are covered by our no-quibble 1 Year Guarantee, which means you can order with complete confidence. Clear advice & friendly support throughout. 

You can browse all of our trees in large, standard sizes in one list here.

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Which Size of Standard Tree Should I Choose?

All standard trees are graded by their girth in centimetres, not their height. We cannot accurately tell you how tall your standard trees will be, except to say that almost all of them are between 2.5 and 5 metres high. Because they have similar girths, trees of the same grade will be in proportion when planted.

If you are planting a few trees in your garden, where it will be easy to care for them by watering them, weeding and mulching around them, then choose the larger 8-10cm sizes.
If you are planting a larger project or putting trees on a site where watering is harder, you should use the smaller 6-8cm sizes. It is always vital to water new trees during their first summer, but smaller trees are better at coping with "low" maintenance. 

How to Plant Large Trees & Their Aftercare

Our splendid Tree Planting Video explains the first bit: two people make the job much easier. Standards that are 6/8cm in girth and upwards are quite big trees, and they absolutely need a stout stake and a strong tree tie during their first couple of years, so don't even consider doing without them. Of course, you don't need a tree guard if there are no deer about, but if you are doing any mowing or other work around the trees with machines or tools that might cut the tree, then a tree guard is still handy protection: my dad would just get a handy wooden board, lean it against the tree trunk, maybe stabilise it with something to weight it down if the terrain was uneven, and then run the mower or strimmer right along it.  

Likewise, a mulch mat is essential if you don't want to weed and mulch regularly by hand - even with a mat, you should check for and remove anything that manages to grow up between the mat and the trunk every month in late spring and summer.

Regular, but never daily, thorough watering is vital during dry weather in their first spring and summer, and then highly recommended the following summer. If there is a real heat wave in the second summer, then watering may be critical in some locations.

Mycorrhizal fungi

We cannot recommend using Rootgrow fungi enough. It is as good as a tree planting law to use them, that's how much of a huge difference they make with these larger trees, which are scrambling to regrow the root systems that they lost when we dug them up, in order to support their now top-heavy growth above ground. Mycorrhizal fungi assist the roots in accessing soil nutrients and water, and protect the roots from soil critters. In return, the tree shares sugar with them, and the result can be close to double the growth above ground. 

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