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Fern, Holly

In Stock

Fern, Holly Cyrtomium fortunei From £12.99
Fern, Jurassic Gold

In Stock

Fern, Jurassic Gold Dryopteris wallichiana Jurassic Gold From £13.99
Fern, Narrow Male

In Stock

Fern, Narrow Male Dryopteris filix mas barnesii From £13.00
Fern, Pinderi

In Stock

Fern, Pinderi Dryopteris affinis 'Pinderi' From £13.00
Fern, Scaled Male

In Stock

Fern, Scaled Male Dryopteris affinis crispa From £13.00
Fern, Copper Shield

Out of Stock

Fern, Copper Shield Dryopteris erythrosora From £13.99
Fern, Crispa Cristata

Out of Stock

Fern, Crispa Cristata Dryopteris filix mas Crispa Cristata From £13.99
Fern, Cristata The King

Out of Stock

Fern, Cristata The King Dryopteris affinis Cristata The King From £13.99
Fern, Golden Shield

Out of Stock

Fern, Golden Shield Dryopteris affinis From £13.99
Fern, Herrenhausen

Out of Stock

Fern, Herrenhausen Polystichum setiferum Herrenhausen From £13.99
Fern, Japanese Lace

Out of Stock

Fern, Japanese Lace Polystichum polyblepharum From £11.96
Fern, Jungle Brake

Out of Stock

Fern, Jungle Brake Pteris umbrosa From £11.96
Fern, Shaggy Wood

Out of Stock

Fern, Shaggy Wood Dryopteris atrata From £13.00
Fern, Woolly Lip

Out of Stock

Fern, Woolly Lip Cheilanthes / Myriopteris tomentosa From £13.99
Fern, A Collection

In Stock

Fern, A Collection Collection of Fern Varieties From £39.96

Ferns are among the most exotic looking of plants that are at home in Britain. There are species suitable for almost any difficult location, where few other plants could produce lush foliage: ideal for small pots in shady corners of your patio, underneath trees, or in rockeries.

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What are Ferns?

Ferns have lush foliage made of fronds, which can be evergreen or deciduous, and no flowers or true seeds, only spores released from the leaves of mature plants.

As a group, they are famously low maintenance and useful for making the most out of problem areas from the tops of dry stone walls to the gloomy insides of wells, and can serve as part of an attractive anti-erosion planting for keeping muddy or dusty soil in place.

The larger ferns are great filler for the backs of borders, and smaller species can be tucked in almost anywhere.
Drought tolerant species are best for rockeries, pots, or under trees; damp tolerant ones are classics next to water features (and drainpipes).

None of the ferns we grow are frost-tender. All of our ferns are hardy i.e. suitable for growing outdoors year round, so the information here does not apply to tender ferns (which are typically houseplants in most parts of the UK).

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