Planting Bareroot Roses (Video)

How to Plant Bareroot Rose Bushes Outside in Your Border

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Bareroot roses are just about ready to start coming out to you. So this is what you'll get. Don't worry about the leaves on there, they will come off, they're just hanging on. If you want to trim the ends of the roots, that's fine. But try not to let it dry out while it's out of the ground, but you can plant it, put it into the ground and then firm it in well, and then water.

Right, so just check the rose over. Better to have three really good shoots. That's where it's been chip budded, so that's where all the fresh shoots are coming out. There's a little bit of dead part there. So just prune that out. If you want to reduce these by half, you can do, so find yourself a bud, put it at a 45 degree angle, and then just prune. Always try and choose an outward facing bud. 

So this is the rose we pruned down to the outward facing buds. And now we're going to plant them in the garden. So when you planting it, that should be the final depth, just about there, just below, that's where the chip-bud was placed at the nursery, and this is all the new shoots, and this is the rootstock, so plant it just below that union. 

Get yourself a spade. Dig a nice big hole. Just fork over the bottom of the hole.

When we plant, we tend to use this, which is the rootgrow, which is Mycorrhizal fungi, which just helps the plant establish and get going a bit better. It basically looks like clay granules. So you sprinkle that in the bottom of the hole, nice and even, and put a bit over there, on the soil you're going to backfill with. You can sprinkle a bit over the roots. 

So get your plant. The hole should be deep enough, and just start pushing it back in. Make sure you get all your Mycorrhizal fungi. And then just firm down. 

And then water it after it's been planted. One bucket should be enough.

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