Potting up a Bareroot Rose (Video)

How to Pot up a Bareroot Rose

Planting a bareroot rose in a pot is about the same as planting it in the ground. It is important to keep the graft union above the soil level. 


The bareroot roses are just about ready to start coming out here. So this is what you'll get at the moment. Don't worry about the leaves on there, they will come off. They're just hanging on. So, I mean, if you want to take them all off, that's fine. But the leaves, if there're leaves on the bareroot roses, don't worry about it.

This is what you'll get. So at the moment, we're just going to pot this up, but if you want to plant them in the garden, they can go straight in like that, dig your hole about twice as big as that root. Put it in. If you want to trim the ends of the roots, that's fine. Try not to let it dry out while it's out of the ground, but you can plant it, put it into the ground, and then firm it in well, and then water, and then just leave it and it will, kind of, come good in the spring.

Once you've planted it, if you do need to water it again, check the weather. If it's gonna rain, no need to, if we get an Indian summer, you might want to have a look at it. But, at the moment, we're going to pot this up into a pot, leave it over winter and then plant it out in the spring.

Right, so just check the rose over. There's a little bit of dead part there. So just prune that out, tidy it up. If you want to reduce these by half, you can do, if you don't, it doesn't really matter. But I think probably what we'll do, we'll reduce this by half. So find yourself a bud, put it at a 45-degree angle, and just prune it. And do exactly the same, always trying to choose an outward facing bud. So there's one there, so 45-degrees. And if you want to just trim the ends of the roots, tidy them up. What I usually do is just grab them and just chop them. If you want to go with individual roots and just trim them off, that's fine.

Try not to take them too far up, don't prune it there. Kind of there and they should be fine. 

So, you now got your root pruned rose, and we've trimmed the shoots off a little bit, just to tidy it up a bit. Got your pot. So I'm using five and a half litre deep pot, bit of good quality compost. Straight in, put a little bit at the bottom. Get that in. Try and get it into the middle of the pot if you can, don't worry too much about it. And then start filling it up.

So, we put it in, try to place it in the centre, press it down a bit, press the compost down, where it's been chip budded above the layer of the compost. Fill it up a bit more.

Settle it down a bit. That's lovely. Now just put that on the patio. Give it a real good drink. And then if you want to plant it in the spring, you can do, but it's the same kind of principle. If you want to plant it in the ground: dig a nice big hole, trim the roots, put it into the ground, backfill it with compost. If you want to use some of the rootgrow that we sell as well, sprinkle that over the roots, backfill with soil, put it in, firm it in and then give it a good water.


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