Planting Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree Planting planting fruit trees

Fruit trees are probably the fastest growing area of amateur horticulture at present. There is so much to be said in favour of fruit trees - they are ecologically sound at almost every level from trapping carbon dioxide, to producing the freshest chemical free food possible without a single carbon mile on the way.

Many fruit trees have outstanding blossom and some, such as the cherries, have autumn colour and winter bark as well. Established for a few years, a half standard apple or pear tree will make a sturdy home for a big clematis or a rambling rose (bit prickly at harvest time though).

Most fruit trees are extremely easy to grow and, as a rule, those that are a little fussier will grow well in a sunny, sheltered spot against a south or west facing wall.

If you just want to buy, we have a large and growing list of fruit trees for your delectation.

When you are planting a fruit tree, it is best practice to improve the soil well in advance by digging the site over, removing stones etc from the soil and incorporating well rotted manure. It is ideal to do this at least 3 months before planting.

If you need further help you can watch our video on how to plant a fruit tree here

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