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Gieser Wildeman Mini Patio Pear (Pyrus communis Gieser Wildeman)Gieser Wildeman Mini Patio Pear (Pyrus communis Gieser Wildeman)

Gieser Wildeman Mini Patio Pear Trees

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The details

  • Only sold as a mini patio tree
  • Cooking. Holds shape when baked
  • Crops in October - November
  • Pollination group C
  • Spur bearer.
  • Pot grown. Year round delivery
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£ 39.99

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Gieser Wildeman Mini Patio Pear Trees: Cooking 

A classic Dutch cooking variety, equally good in savoury and dessert dishes. 
These Wonder Trees are an innovative type of miniature patio fruit tree, which use a dwarfing rootstock with a high graft to control their vigor.

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  • Only sold as a mini patio tree
  • Cooking. Holds shape when baked
  • Pink flesh
  • Crops in October
  • Pollination group C
  • Spur bearer.

Pollination Partners for Gieser Wildeman:
To make fruit, all pear trees need to be pollinated by another variety. Gieser Wildeman is in pollination group C.
This means that it will cross-pollinate with trees in groups B, C and D.
See our guide to Pollinating Pear Trees for a full list of partners.

Growing Gieser Wildeman Pears:

Rich soil is important - dig in plenty of good manure and compost before planting and always use Rootgrow. Drainage must be good. The more sun your trees get the better your crops will be.

Did You Know? 

A Dutch favourite, named after the Giessen river near Gorinchem by its breeder Mr. Wildeman in the mid 1800's. Van den Willik & Sons Nursery made them famous commercially in Holland, France and Belgium. There is even a restaurant named after them: De Gieser Wildeman in Noordeloos.
It is the traditional Dutch Christmas pear, peeled and poached whole, and is a staple complement for game dishes. 

Pear Tree Delivery Shapes:

Most of our fruit trees are delivered in up to 3 shapes (maiden, bush, and half standard), and you can buy selected varieties as potted mini patio trees: scroll up to see what's in stock. 

Mini Patio Tree: Only sold pot-grown, these use a dwarfing rootstock to drastically reduce the tree's vigour and restrict the mature size. They are suitable for large patio containers, and for small gardens where a normal-sized bush or half-standard form won't fit.

Guide to Fruit Tree Sizing.


Growing Mini Patio Trees in Pots:
Dwarf trees do very well in large containers of Rocket Gro Fruit & Veg Compost. During summer, it is essential to provide consistent moisture, without overwatering, and to feed lightly. 
Change as much of the compost as you can every three years.


We strongly recommend using mycorrhizal "friendly fungi" on the roots of all transplanted trees.

Winter wash and grease are effective, organic pest prevention.