62% of Brits enjoy gardening – here’s their favourite flower

With the first day of spring fast approaching, we asked 1,000 UK-based adults to choose their favourite flowers and trees, as well as answer a few key questions about their interest in gardening as a hobby or pastime. Across this blog post, we’ll look at a range of gardening statistics, uncovering how the nation feels about gardening, the outdoors and all things green-fingered.

Manicured garden by avid gardener

Interest in gardening as a hobby

Overall, a majority of 62% of survey participants said they had a current interest in or enjoy gardening as a hobby, with 1 in 5 saying they are “very interested” in it. 18% said that while gardening wasn’t a current hobby of theirs, they might like to try it in the future.

Regionally, Northerners had some of the lowest gardening figures, with a third saying they had no interest in the hobby at all. On the other hand, those in the East have the highest combined interest (those who answered “very” or “somewhat” interested in gardening), at 67%.

Where age is concerned, three-quarters of those over 65 expressed the strongest interest in gardening, but interest diminishes among lower age groups. 67% of respondents aged 55-64 said they were either “very” or “somewhat” interested in the hobby, while only half of those aged between 35-54 said the same.

However, interest picks up again in those aged 25-34, of whom 62% expressed interest in gardening. And when it comes to starting a new hobby in gardening, a quarter of respondents aged 35-44 expressed the strongest interest across all age groups.

Between men and women, women expressed a stronger interest in gardening, with 28% saying they were “very” interested over a lesser 17% of men.

Revealing Britain’s favourite flower

When it comes to the country’s favourite flower, the UK’s 3 favourite flowers may be a surprise to some. Our research combined online search volumes with a public opinion poll to generate a “Top 10” list of the most popular choices. Taking the top spot are sunflowers, ranking highest in our chart and making them the favourite flower in the UK.

Britain’s favourite flower is a Sunflower

Despite ranking second on public opinion alone, high search volumes for sunflowers see them trump both lilies and roses. Curiously, roses (which are England’s national flower) ranked highest in the public opinion poll alone, but lost out on the top spot due to a lesser volume of online searches.

There are also several joint placements within the top 10. Irises and lotus flowers rank joint fifth, and peonies and daisies ranking joint sixth. Jasmine and orchids rank joint seventh, while snapdragons, narcissi and crocus flowers place joint tenth on the list.

You can view the complete list below.


Time spent amongst nature

When asked how often they spend time amongst outdoor spaces and nature – for instance, in their garden or a local wood or park, 28% of our survey participants said that they “very often” spend time amongst nature, while 30% said that it was “quite often” that they would do so.

On the lower end, 15% of survey participants said they rarely or never spend time outdoors.

Regionally, 41% of Welsh residents boast the largest portion of those saying they would “very often” spend time amongst nature, while 1 in 5 Northern residents represent the region with the largest percentage who say they rarely or never spend time outdoors.

Revealing Britain’s favourite tree

Using the same method of combining public opinion with search volumes to discover the UK’s favourite native tree, we are presented with a three-way tie between oak, cherry and willow trees.

Weeping Willow Tree (Salix sepulchralis Chrysocoma)

In fact, there are a few tied positions across our top 10, with apple and rowan trees taking second place and birch and pine in sixth. Seventh place is another three-way tie between sycamore, lime and ash trees. In joint eighth are chestnut and pear trees.

You can view the full table below.

1Oak tree
Cherry tree
Willow tree
2Apple tree
Rowan tree
3Yew tree
4Walnut tree
5Beech tree
6Birch tree
Pine tree
7Sycamore tree
Lime tree
Ash tree
8Chestnut tree
Pear tree
9Plum tree
10Hazel tree

Who has the greenest fingers?

While it boasts some truly gorgeous public parks, most London homes aren’t known for their wealth in private garden space. Even so, it turns out that Londoners have quite active green fingers.

61% of our survey participants living in London expressed active and current interest in gardening as a hobby or pastime, with 1 in 5 saying they were “very interested” in it. A further 1 in 5 said that while they aren’t currently gardening, they would be interested in picking it up in the future.

What’s more, when asked how often they spend time amongst nature and the outdoors, a quarter of Londoners said that they do so “very often”, while 37% said they do so “quite often”. Across all regions, 9% of those in London ranked lowest for those who said they “rarely” or “never” spent time amongst nature, while 20% of Northerners ranked highest.

Sadly, interest in gardening and the great outdoors seems in dire straits in northern parts of the country. A third of Northern survey respondents said they had no interest in gardening as a hobby – the largest negative response across all regions surveyed.
Similarly, 1 in 5 Northern residents represent the region with the largest percentage who say they rarely or never spend time outdoors.

But spring is fast approaching, and the outdoors will soon be filled with an array of colours and scents – hopefully, much of which will come from your own gardens. Check out our online store to see what you can begin growing this springtime.!

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  1. Kit says:

    I have no interest in gardening as a HOBBY, I’m interested in it being LIFETIME in GARDENING, to be able to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, instead having to pay those ridiculous prices that we are having to pay now! Also; I have a lot of fruit around me: Black berry bushes, Strawberry beds, Black cherry trees, Persimmon Trees, Pears trees, Apple trees, Apricot trees, Black cherry trees, Passion fruit, Peach trees, Blue berriy bushes, Fig bushes, and many other things to grow to survive. I always loved to garden, but it is more difficult for me now, since I’m handicapped. However; I have my Gardens (many gardens), raised up 3 ft off the ground so I can get to them. No bending, but being able to drive right up to it is – what I’m talking about. Even the weeding is so much better and easier when doing my gardens.

    1. Ashridge Nurseries says:

      Well said Kit, gardening is for life!

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