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Trees that like growing on heavy clay soil.

We don't grow all of them; this is intended to be a reference for garden projects big & small - don't say we never treat you! But if any are of interest, please do look at our list of garden trees: most of the varieties that follow are there.

Acer - Maple & Sycamore: Browse all our Maples here.

Aesculus - Horse Chestnut: Horse Chestnut (Common), Briotti (Red Flowers), Baumannii (White Flowers)

Alnus - Alder: Browse all our Alders here.

Carpinus - Hornbeam: Browse all our Hornbeams here.

Crataegus - Hawthorn: Browse all our Hawthorns here.


Fraxinus - Ash: Fraxinus excelsior (No longer sold in the UK due to disease)

Ilex - Holly: Ilex aquifolium (Common), I. Argentea Marginata (Silver Variegated), Alaska (Female with Red Berries)

Laburnum - Laburnum anagyroides Golden Rain

Malus - Apple: Crabapples, Eating Apples

Platanus - Plane: Platanus acerifolia (No longer sold in the UK due to disease)

Populus -Poplar: P. nigra Italica (Lombardy), P. balsamifera (Balsam), P. nigra betulifolia (Atlantic / Black), Populus nigra (Black), P. tremula (Aspen), P. Gaver (Hybrid), P. alba (White)

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