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Trees for Clay Soils

This is a reasonably long list of the trees that like growing on heavy clay soil. We don't grow all of them, this is intended to be a reference for garden projects big & small - don't say we never treat you! But id any are of interest, please do look at our list of garden trees for sale most of the varieties that follow are there.

Acer - Maple & Sycamore: Browse all our Maples here.

Aesculus - Horse Chestnut: Horse Chestnut (Common), Briotti (Red Flower), Baumannii (White Flower)

Alnus - Alder: Browse all our Alders here.

Carpinus - Hornbeam: Browse all our Hornbeams here.

Crataegus - Hawthorn: Browse all our Hawthorns here.


Fraxinus - Ash: Fraxinus excelsior

Ilex - Holly: Ilex aquifolium (Common), I. Argentea Marginata (Silver Variegated), Alaska (Female with Red Berries)

Laburnum - Laburnum anagyroides Golden Rain

Malus - Apple:Crabapples, Eating Apples

Platanus - Plane: Platanus acerifolia

Populus -Poplar: P. nigra Italica (Lombardy), P. balsamifera (Balsam), P. nigra betulifolia (Atlantic / Black), Populus nigra (Black), P. tremula (Aspen), P. Robusta (Hybrid), P. Gaver (Hybrid), P. alba (White)

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