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This site has a huge list of hedging for you to buy. Surprisingly (at first sight) there are relatively few that are widely used for formal hedges. On closer examination the reason becomes obvious. The plants you find in formal hedges do the job wonderfully well. Beech, be it copper of green grows anywhere there is drainage and some light. Yew will just about grow in the dark, and Hornbeam certainly will (and loves the heavy ground that beech does not. Laurel kills noise and light pollution and holly clips beautifully. And all of these plants are just about bombproof and all of them forgive the worst mistakes you can make when you are clipping them. 

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  1. Beech, Copper / Purple Plants

    Beech, Copper / Purple Plants

    From £0.37
    Fagus sylvatica Purpurea - 30-175cms Saplings
    • Native. Purple leaves. Needs good drainage
    • Holds autumn leaves in winter
    • Formal hedging
    • Other Sizes: Big Trees
    • Year round delivery.

    Out of stock

  2. Green Beech Hedge in Summer

    Beech, Green - 50 Pack

    From £71.11
    Beech Hedging Plants - Packs of 50 bareroot plants
    • 3 sizes 80-150 cms Bareroot Saplings
    • Needs good drainage.
    • Holds leaves in winter.
    • Classic Formal hedging
    • Bareroot Delivery: Nov-April

    Out of stock

  3. Green Beech Hedge

    Beech, Green - Fagus sylvatica

    From £0.17
    • Size sold: 40-175 cm
    • Hedge: 1m to very tall
    • Soil: dislikes poor drainage
    • Use: Formal/Native
    • Single Row: 3/m
    • Colour: green/brown
    • Great to add structure

    Out of stock

  4. Buxus sempervirens Hedge

    Box, Common

    From £0.44
    Buxus sempervirens - 15 - 40cms Bushes
    • Evergreen. Slow growing, tolerant of full shade.
    • Other Sizes: Dwarf.
    • Excellent formal hedging.
    • Max. Height: 8m
    • Year round delivery.

    Out of stock

  5. Dwarf Box Plant 20-30cms Tall

    Box, Dwarf - Potted

    From £3.36
    Buxus sempervirens Suffruticosa
    • 15 - 30cms Pot-Grown Bushes
    • Evergreen. Slow growing, tolerant of full shade
    • Other Sizes: Pot-Grown & Bareroot common box
    • Ideal decorative, low hedging
    • Max. Height: 1m
    • Pot-Grown Delivery: All Year

    Out of stock

  6. Alaska Holly at Christmas

    Holly, Japanese

    From £3.95
    • Final Size: 30 cm to 1m
    • Soil: any
    • Use: formal hedging/topiary shapes
    • Single row: 3-4 plants per metre
    • Colour: dark green (no prickles) with black berries
    • Hedging:

    Out of stock

  7. Green Privet Hedging

    Privet, Green

    From £0.38
    Ligustrum ovalifolium - 40 - 100cms Bushes
    • Evergreen.
    • Excellent urban hedging.
    • Suitable for poor soil & full shade.
    • Max. Height: 4m
    • Year Round Delivery

    Out of stock

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