Tree Planting in Britain Today

Tree Planting in Britain Today

Two major developments mean that there is now significant government (and other) support for planting trees in the UK.

The first is the transition out of the Common Agricultural Policy of The European Union, allowing the UK to frame the subsidies available to farmers and landowners in a different light: Subsidies in the UK will move away from maximising production towards encouraging stewardship of land for environmental and ecological purposes.
The second is the shift more generally in public and government thinking towards the restoration of the UK’s natural environment and its conservation and sustainability, as evidenced in the government’s 25 Year Environmental Plan. This marks a sure departure from the historic approach of viewing land principally as the foundation on which to build production mechanisms to deliver the cheapest possible food at any environmental cost.

Forestry is intended to play a significant role in this repositioning of how we farm our land and manage our countryside and rural landscapes.

As a result it is now easier for landowners to access generous grants for creating new woodland. See the various links listed here to point you in the right direction for information for grants for planting trees.

A new programme - Trees for Climate - will help deliver against goals in the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan and support Nature Recovery Networks across England by funding the planting of trees in England’s ten community forests. See and
The Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Grant is a scheme which provides up to £6,800 per hectare to help farmers, foresters and landowners tap into the environmental and financial benefits of tree planting all year round. See -
The Woodland Trust is dedicated to planting trees and protecting and restoring trees and woodland. Helpful advice is offered for large scale planting - If you’re looking to plant lots of trees, they have the trees, grants and funding schemes to help. Their expert advisers can help you put the right trees in the right place to achieve your goals. See -
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