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Peat-free Soil Improver CompostPeat-free Soil Improver Compost

Organic Soil Improver by RocketGro

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The details

  • Organic, Soil Association Approved
  • High in fibre and minerals that instantly enrich any soil
  • Holds water in dry soils, and loosens up heavy ones
  • Dig in before tree planting, or fork it into veg beds
  • Made by Rocket Gro
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RocketGro Organic Soil Improver

Made from composted maize, rye and meadow grass, this rich compost is high in fibrous elements that boost a dry soil's water holding capacity, and help to loosen up heavy clay. It is dug into the soil when improving it before planting a tree, or forked into veg beds, rather than mulched over the surface. For a potting and container compost, we recommend black gold. If you are improving soil for vegetables in particular, adding some of our fruit & veg compost will give them a boost.

  • Organic & Peat free
  • Soil Association Approved
  • No live seeds or animal products
  • Great for digging into both dry and heavy soils
  • Made in the UK by RocketGro

The parent company of RocketGro is Somerset based Cannington Enterprises.

As with all peat free composts, regular watering and feeding with general purpose fertiliser will ensure best results.