A Quick Q&A Regarding Delivery

  • Q: How much will the delivery cost?

  • A: There is only one delivery charge if the order can be satisfied in a single consignment. This charge is subsidised but adjusts to reflect the size of the parcel(s) to be delivered and the delivery area. So it ranges from £4.99 to £90 when a pallet or dedicated van delivery is required to a remote place. The exact amount will be shown in your basket as you add it to your order and at checkout. Orders that contain plants with different planting seasons will be split and sent out at the correct time for planting. When this happens, there will be a supplementary delivery charge for additional deliveries

  • Q: Where do you deliver?

  • A: Anywhere on mainland Britain and the Isle of Wight (please note the surcharges mentioned above). We do not deliver to any other offshore destinations (including Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Isles of Scilly, the Isle of Skye, Channel Islands, Orkneys etc)

  • Q: Do I have to sign for my delivery?

  • A: Generally, no signature is required. Our couriers have standing instructions to leave your delivery in a safe place if at all possible.

  • Q: When will my order be delivered?

  • A: We email you to let you know your order is nearly ready to be packed so you have a better idea of arrival dates and can postpone delivery if you are going to be away. You then receive another email on the day of despatch to help with tracking.

  • Q: What happens if there is a delay between delivery & planting?

  • A: Your bareroot plants will be packed so that they can safely be left in their wrapping for 7-10 days before planting. Store them in a cold place, ideally outdoors, not protected from frost but out of direct sunlight. Leave them to freeze outside, but do not move them around when they are frozen. If planting is delayed for two weeks, we advise unwrapping them just enough to get a hose into the bag(s) and wet down the roots to make sure they stay moist. Cut a slit in the bottom of each bag to allow for drainage. Do not leave your plants sitting in a bucket of water: roots like to be slightly moist, not drowned! Pot-grown plants should be unpacked as soon as possible after delivery. You can keep them unplanted for weeks in winter without much attention & in summer with watering every other day without rain.

Latest Despatch Information

We use 24-hour courier services where possible. You will be notified by email when your order is dispatched. Orders are despatched once all the line items are ready. Delays can be caused by factors outside our control, such as the weather.

Please be patient and check your spam folder for our emails (and whitelist us if you find one there!). Please only reply directly to the emails we send you; don't send separate, follow-up emails because we deal with the oldest outstanding emails first, and a newer email from you goes to the back of the queue.

The most important thing is that you get top-quality plants...

For more details, please also make yourself acquainted with our full terms and conditions

Please note: All questions relating to orders and delivery assume that the order can be satisfied in a single delivery. Where that is impossible, perhaps because of the seasonality of the plants involved, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Plant Specific Deliveries

Standard Trees - our standard trees are all bareroot trees, and delivery is between November and the end of March.

Fruit Trees - delivery of our bareroot fruit trees is between November and mid-April. Potted fruit trees are available for delivery all year.

Hedging - delivery of our bareroot fruit trees is between November and mid-April. Potted hedging plants are available for delivery all year.

Soft Fruit - delivery of our bareroot soft fruit plants is between November and the end of March. Potted soft fruit plants are available for delivery all year, subject to availability.

Bulbs - dry bulbs will be delivered from September through to the end of November. Bulbs in the green are delivered February - April, whilst stocks last

Lavender - Lavender delivery is from April through to September (the smaller plants are often despatched from June)

Roses - delivery of our bareroot roses is between November and mid-February. Potted rose bushes are delivered all year. They will have been pruned in the nursery after the first flowering during the growing season to improve shape and strength.

Herbs - herbs are delivered throughout the spring and summer from March through to September. 

Dahlias - dahlia tubers are delivered in March and April

Flowers - Seedlings in jumbo plugs generally are delivered between March - July.


We are open for customer collections on Friday only. Please place your order online and write a message to Ashridge in checkout in the box provided, letting us know you would like to collect. Our collection postcode is BA7 7NJ

Delivery Timescales Sometimes Change! You are buying living plants with a range of planting seasons that will struggle and possibly die if planted out-of-season. Most of what we sell in winter is bareroot and needs lifting from the soil. To ensure your plants are fresh, lifting happens after you order and we are all at the mercy of the weather. Plants cannot be lifted (or planted by you) when the soil is freezing or if the ground is too wet.