Soft Fruit Bushes for Sale

You can buy the entire contents of your soft fruit cage here; we have literally dozens of varieties of berry and currant to suit every palate. We grow almost all our soft fruit here in the UK and our varieties are chosen to eat off the bush, cook or freeze..

With the exception of the Blackberries, Blueberries and Hybridberries, most of our stock are bareroot plants.
Bareroot stock is cheaper than its container grown equivalent, can be ordered at any time, but is only delivered in the winter.

Berry bushes are mostly very easy to grow: fertile soil, good drainage and plenty of sun is ideal, but you can still get great crops from Blackberries, Raspberries and Hybridberries in pretty poor conditions.
You will find more growing and pruning advice in each category.

Our stocks of potted soft fruit bushes always get snapped up quickly, so order early to avoid disappointment.

All Soft Fruit Plants are VAT Free
All our Soft Fruit Bushes are covered by our Guarantee.

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  •    12 month guarantee on all soft fruit plants
  •    Certified virus free stock

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Choosing Soft Fruit

Generally, garden plants are chosen to fit a colour scheme. Soft fruit is chosen to suit your taste in but in a completely different sense. The soft fruit garden is where you can let your "dark side" run riot. Really anything goes as long as you like eating it... the trick, perhaps, is to choose soft fruit varieties that not only crop well, but that do so over as long a period as possible. That way you avoid gluts and get to enjoy your favourites all summer.

How to Plant and Look After Soft Fruit

Soft fruit bushes are mostly very easy to grow: fertile soil, good drainage and plenty of sunshine are the ideal, but you can still get great crops from the likes of Blackberries, Tayberries and Loganberries in relatively poor conditions. There is more growing and pruning advice below and in each category.

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