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Damsel's Delight Passion Flower PlantsDamsel's Delight Passion Flower Plants

Damsel's Delight Passion Flower Plants

Passiflora Damsel's Delight (Riverside)

The details

Passiflora, Riverside hybrid

  • AKA Silly Cow
  • Colour: Purple & white
  • Size: 3-4m
  • Flowering: Late Spring-Autumn
  • Hardy
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Passiflora Damsel's Delight, Riverside Hybrid Passion Flower Plants

Bigger flowers than the species, with the classic mostly white outer ring and purple filaments. It seems that because the plant puts more energy into flower production, it often doesn't form fruit. The leaves are large, glossy and lobed, similar to a small fig leaf.
This vigorous climber will generally be evergreen in the South, and will lose its leaves in the North: it depends on the winter and the microclimate. To 3-4 metres.

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  • Colour: White & purple 
  • Decorative orange fruit (may not form)
  • Size: 3-4m
  • Flowering: Late Spring-Autumn
  • Hardiness rating H4 (-10 to -5C)

Growing Damsel's Delight Passion Flowers

Really well drained soil is essential, and full sun is best in the North. 

They require a fairly sturdy support, and their tendrils will attach themselves. Use a stick or cane to train the vine onto the support if necessary. 

Did You Know?

Bred by Myles Irvine, originally named Silly Cow in honour of his friend Jana-Marie Štípská. 

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