To say these are difficult times is an absurd understatement. Amidst the gloom, though, we gardeners are lucky indeed to have our plants, our trees, our beloved gardens and even a protracted glimpse of spring sunshine to cheer us and remind us of kinder weather and, we trust, better times soon to come.

We’ve long suspected that when the chips are down, the great British public goes gardening. As a result we’re busier than ever* and doing all we can to keep up with demand safely and responsibly. Bearing in mind Government guidelines, our Customer Care team is now home-based and our pickers, packers and despatchers are on rotation and flat out fulfilling orders whilst scrupulously hand scrubbing and observing social distancing.

So to make the best of the unprecedented lull in proceedings, why not sit back, ponder the coming growing season, browse our website for inspiration and order online. Now the clocks have gone back, it’s the perfect time to get out there and plant away for GYO and the garden of your dreams.
NB Our couriers have been instructed to leave orders at your door without needing a signature so there’s no contact…just the fun of a delivery.
*We do apologise if orders take a little longer than normal in these exceptional circumstances; please rest assured we’re doing our best to keep business as usual as far as possible.
Sweet Peas

Sweet peas

It’s that time of year already. Our hardy, autumn-sown and root-trainer grown seedlings are à point. Do order quickly before we run out; they’re ready to be planted straight into pots or the ground with a dollop of compost, manure or slow-release fertilizer to maximise their performance. Sweet peas are thirsty creatures, so much though it pains us to say so after the wettest winter since the Ark was launched, do remember to keep them well watered if it stays dry.

Bees love lavender, other pollinators love lavender, we love lavender. Our problem is akin to deciding which is the favourite child - ie nigh on impossible! ‘Hidcote’ is the UK’s go to variety; punchy, compact, regally purple and in flower from late June whilst ‘Rosea’ is also a June star, with the prettiest pale pink flowers and vivid green foliage. ‘Munstead’ blooms slightly earlier with a mauve-ish bloom whilst ‘Alba’, a pure white variety, is a refreshing take on the English lavender look, and threads beautifully amongst other lavenders or silver plants such as Stachys or Eryngiums. Order now for delivery this month and do remember, as an haute couture plant, lavender hates farmyard muck.
One of the few upsides of this winter’s shockingly wet weather is that the planting season is still upon us. Bare-root plants kept dormant in our cold store will be fine to plant well into April, especially hedging such as dogwood, green beech and rootballed yew.
The winter may have been wet, but we are enjoying a lovely spell of dry weather at present. Newly planted stock is coming into leaf as you look at it and will die unless it has enough available moisture. So, please, unless there is good steady rain, make a point of watering trees, hedging and the like a couple of times a week for the next 6-8 weeks.
Special Offers
Special Offers
Do have a look at our Special Offers page for some great discounts on trees and plants ranging from Concorde Pear trees to native British Oak saplings and beech hedging.
Concorde Pear Trees
British Oak
The Met Office is threatening a drier April than the preceding months (well hurray and about time too), so here are some suggestions for our national extended hours gardening regime.
  • Weeds – get ahead of the game to reap the rewards in the summer
  • Feed shrubs and roses
  • Tie in rambling and climbing roses
  • Tie in climbers such as honeysuckle and clematis
  • Plant new climbers such as summer-flowering clematis
  • Protect fruit blossom from frost – and there is some on the cards
  • Deadhead daffodils and tulips
  • Plant summer bulbs
  • Sow leeks outside
  • Sow successional salad and vegetable crops little and often
We hope you all stay safe and well. We will continue to operate within Government guidelines and hope, as a result, we can help you enjoy your garden to the maximum in these difficult times.

Don’t forget our no-signature delivery policy and, in the meantime, thank you for your support and loyalty.
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We deliver more than 2,500 varieties of plants direct to your door – garden and fruit trees, bulbs, climbers, roses, lavender, soft fruit, flowers, herbs and accessories. Have a look online and leave the rest to us – we look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime enjoy your garden and (hopefully!) some lovely weather.  
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