Ashridge Nurseries is working as normal and the despatching of bareroot plants is underway.

You can see Current Delivery Information Here. We are now taking orders for delivery in February 2021.

Bulbs in the Green are available to order today.

Order now for delivery in February/March.


Plant Bareroot Hedging and Trees soon

February is one of the best months to plant bareroot hedging. The plants will be in the ground as the soil begins to warm and they get the full benefit of any early warmth in March and April. So whether you are thinking about a native hedge or a more formal hedge such as beech, hornbeam, box or yew now is a perfect time to order. If you need to know what to do take a look at our hedge planting videos

Bulbs in the Green

Definitely time to order your bulbs in the green. They are always in short supply, and although lifting is only just about to start the order book is filling…. If you don’t know what they are, or what to do with them, then take a look at at our guide to bulbs in the green.

Don’t forget your Accessories

Winter is drawing to a close. As it does and spring arrives you can expect stronger winds, lots of baby bunnies and germinating weeds. So save yourself a lot of heartache, time and trouble and accessorise your planting. Rootgrow, spirals and canes, tree guards, tree stakes and mulch  are amongst the extras you should consider if you are planting over the next 2-3 months. 


Hedging For Horses

Yes - I know - another hedge thing, but it really is the season. Whether hedges are used for containment; around paddocks, aesthetics; around menages or for jumping; between fields, it is important to use the right hedging. It needs to be safe to eat, resilient enough to be jumped and tough enough to withstand what Georgina calls “horseplay”. Have a read of her definitive horse friendly hedge article.

Julian’s Tip

You will read this elsewhere but it applies to all native hedging that has been or is to be planted this winter. Please cut it back now if you have not already done so. Cut it back by 50% - cut off the top half if you prefer. If you do not, you will have a very tall, very spindly hedge with virtually no side branches this time next year. You make hedge plants bush our by cutting them back hard. So 50% please. And if you planted last season cut the new growth back by 50% now. For more information have a look at our hedge planting guide. 

David Austin Roses

Over the last 5-6 years David Austin roses have built a reputation for good health and sturdy growth that is second to none. Now is a good time to plant them, ideally in triangular groups of three with 70-80 cms between plants. Have a look at our range which is wide, beautiful and well priced. Why not order 3 for Valentines Day using the Code VAL330 - terms apply, see here.

Last, last chance for Standards

Because of the cold snap, lifting the larger garden trees (standards) has been delayed. It is in full swing now so we can take a few more orders for any standard trees shown as being available on our website. But the list closes on Thursday for absolutely, definitely, certain.

Garden Hygiene

If you have not already done so, it is really important to rake up leaves and other detritus such as prunings. If it comes from plants that suffer from fungal diseases, such as roses, fruit trees and (if you are feeling strong) horse chestnuts - then burn it or take it to the dump. Never compost it. These leaves also harbour overwintering insect pests such as codling moth and chestnut leaf miner. On the other hand, leaves and small clippings from hedging, beech trees, hornbeam and the like can be stacked in a pile and left to rot down into leaf mould which will take 2-3 years but makes a wonderful soil conditioner.


February Gardening Jobs

This is one of the busiest months in the gardening calendar if the weather is right because you can be preparing beds, planting, composting, burning, pruning and counting snowdrops all at the same time. Have a look at our list of jobs for this month.

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