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Good stuff for your garden this February...

Plant of the month

It may be warm at present but Snowdrops (main picture) are still the plant of the month for us. Tiny and cute - and as tough as old boots - they make wonderful mass plantings and look just as charming when they pop up as single, self-sown seedlings. And in February you can see where you would have liked to have had snowdrops. Then.. if you buy them as bulbs in the green, you can plant them. Right here, right now and exactly where you want them.

And why not get your aconites and bluebells in the green at the same time?

Julian's Top Tip -
Transplant Time

Every so often, we all have a bright idea and plant a favourite shrub without enough forethought. Give it a couple of years and we have a case of "right plant, wrong place". 

Well, in February most shrubs are as dormant as they will ever be, making it the perfect month for transplanting woody subjects that, for whatever reason, happen to find themselves less than perfectly situated...

A good sized hole, decent soil and a bit of Rootgrow and they should settle into their new homes just fine. 

Peak Planting

February heralds prime planting time. Especially after a wet winter, this month, March and early April are the best months for bareroot planting as the ground will begin to drain and warm a little and unestablished roots are not buried in cold wet soil for too long. So get your fork and spade out and have some fun digging! It will keep you warm and work off the last of the Christmas Pud.

BTW that is the trench is for my 120/150cms beech hedge, dug last week. Remember, you usually only need a trench for plants that are 80/100cms and taller...

Watch our planting videos

February means... 

...Valentine's day. Which is on 14th February (isn't it every year) so why not look at our roses
The wonderful thing about giving roses - the ones with roots that is - to someone you love is they will come back as a fond reminder year after year. Maybe of a Champagne Moment, a Silver Anniversary, or that yours is a Mum in a Million or perhaps just that someone is Simply the Best. Too subtle? How about Valentine Heart or You're Beautiful? Or just buy a few beautiful roses where the flower rather than the name says it all. Constance Spry, Graham Thomas, Tranquillity and Susan Williams Ellis are all drop dead gorgeous.

A Tale of Woe

For nurseries such as ours, this has been a "special" winter. Growers are a complaining bunch - there is always something not quite right - but this winter has been a bit special. We are not used to working in paddy fields... Just take a look at the picture and you will see why it is so hard to promise accurate delivery dates. The ground will dry out (of course) but please bear with us as we catch up.

Oh yes - and it has rained every day this week so far...

Sweet Peas, please...

If you missed the mailer about our sweet pea seedlings, best hurry up as they are selling fast. As with all the best Sweet Peas, ours are autumn sown. They come with much more root which means you get stronger plants that carry more, and better/bigger, flowers.

Order today and, subject to our "Great British Weather", they will be delivered from the beginning of March onwards. So get that sweet pea bed ready...

Jobs for February

For the self-improvers, new year's resolutioners and punishment gluttons amongst you, here is a full list of jobs for February that you might at least like to think about... Doing is better of course - remember that all the work is worth it. Beautiful summer gardens are made in winter. No pain, no gain. Hey ho.

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