Happy New Year!

Fire starters

No garden is too small for the dazzling Midwinter Fire dogwood, which in terms of colour, size and sheer stamina is a standout winter performer. Midwinter Fire is at it's best in from late November when it sheds its leaves to reveal the glory of its bark until the end of March when you should cut it back hard.

If you do nothing else, plant a group of three... or take a look at our other dogwoods which also look great throughout the Winter.

Win £100 in Gift Vouchers!

Hopefully you enjoyed your Christmas break and what better way to top it off than by winning £100 to spend on anything from our website! All you have to do is send us a picture of your decorated Xmas tree and you will be entered into the competition, full terms and conditions here.

Bird Patrol

January is a good time for you to think about the birds that are so important for our environment. So why not make their jobs a little easier by planting a bird-friendly hedge in your garden? These are a safe habitat for birds and provide a year round source of food once established. And you can enjoy watching the birds go about their business in the comfort of your own garden!


Julian's Gentle Nudge

If you have planted any thorn based hedge this winter then don't make the usual beginner's mistake. If you did not cut every plant back by half when you planted them, then you should do so now. This will ensure they start to bush out in the spring. Otherwise you will end up with something tall and spindly with no side branches which is not a hedge at all...

Pruning Time

Winter is the best time to prune fruit trees with pips (apple, pear, medlar, quince) and the worst time to prune fruit trees with stones (plums, cherries, damsons etc). If you are not sure what to do, take a look at our pruning videos where you can find videos on pruning fruit trees, maiden trees and more. A well pruned fruit tree will stay healthier, look better and carry more fruit than one that is not. And pruning helps you burn off a few Christmas calories!

Thank you SO very much...

Do you have a few thank you letters to write that need to be extra special? Or January birthdays with presents to buy where you are fresh out of ideas? Well you're in the right place if your friends and family are keen gardeners. Just send an Ashridge Nurseries gift voucher. The recipient chooses exactly what they want and we do all the hard work.... and you get a thank you letter back! Click here when you are ready to buy some gift vouchers.

Jobs for Jan

The festivities are coming to an end and hopefully you've recovered by now, which means it's time to tend to the garden which often goes ignored over the Christmas period. So put the mince pies down and arm yourselves with wellies and scarves and of course, brush up by reading our list of jobs to do in the garden in January. 

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