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‘January is a month for dreaming’ – so said prolific American gardening author Jean Hersey.

Happy New Year and hurray – the longest night of the year has been and gone, the days are (imperceptibly, but nonetheless it’s true) getting longer and whilst we gave up dreaming of a white Christmas long ago, brow-beaten into submission by December’s relentless rain, we can at least start dreaming of spring and all the joy it brings.

Now’s a great time to assess, plan and order trees and plants for the gardening year ahead; so dream on…your imagination’s the limit and your garden is, after all, your oyster!
Fruit trees, ornamental trees for gardens large and small and roses are our top faves this month. Bare-rooted is best and it’s the ideal time to plant unless your soil is waterlogged or frozen, in which case store your new arrivals in a cold but frost-free shed or heel them in like this 

Our UK-grown fruit trees are great value. Grafted onto strong, virus-free rootstock, they come in all sizes (so there’s one to suit any garden).
We’re particularly keen on the fabulous Concorde Pear, which is a cross between Conference and Doyenne du Comice. It inherits the best of both - Suitability for UK conditions, disease resistance and fabulous flavour. 
Concorde is late cropping and stores well. It is also partially self-fertile which means it will carry some fruit without any external "help". Fruiting will be heavier with cross pollination, but bees fly a long way and pretty much any other pear (apart from one of its parents) that is in flower at the same time will do the job. Try one and see...
Julian's Top Tip

Start 2020 with Julian’s great new garden fitness programme! Guaranteed to shed a few Christmas pounds, there’s no better way to improve your waistline and your soil than with a solid few hours spreading compost on your borders. It’s fun, it’s free and unknown to most of us, it’s right up there with the latest celebrity workouts. Or so he says. DVD coming soon you’ll be relieved to hear.
Once that bit of light-hearted garden entertainment is over, how about reapplying winter wash to fruit trees and rose bushes. Fun fun fun.
And last but not least, on the grounds that the early bird gets the worm (another 2020 resolution), get ahead of the game, be first in the queue and get your towel on the metaphorical gardening sunbed by ordering bulbs ‘in the green’ for delivery when the weather allows. Aconites, snowdrops, bluebells…a cheery thought indeed, despite the multiple tautology!
Planting hedges for a multitude of good reasons; security, privacy, garden ‘room’ division, structure, style, stock-proofing, wildlife habitat, biodiversity – the pros of hedges are endless. Of course it’s the bare-rooted thing again – so do order now and plant whilst they’re dormant ready for the off as temperatures rise in a couple of months.
Jobs for the Garden
  • Check stakes, ties and supports
  • Feed the birds – it’s a lean time of year for our feathered friends
  • Start on the weed control – sadly many will have survived even these squelchy conditions, so hoe away as soon as the ground is workable
  • Fork over beds and borders and dig in organic matter to prepare the soil for the growing season to come
  • Prune wisteria hard and cut back clematis (apart from Montana which is on the agenda for May)
  • Check climbers haven’t invaded gutters, windows and under roof tiles
  • Prune apple and pear trees, red and white currants and gooseberries
  • Start to force rhubarb – cover the crown with a forcer or large pot
For more January jobs, please follow the link.
The Winter Sculpture Exhibition at RHS Garden Rosemoor runs until 31st January, the Snowdrop Festival at The Garden House, Devon is open from 17th January until the end of March whilst Bruce Munro's ‘Time and Place’ indoor and outdoor light installations at Messums, Wiltshire is on until 26th January.
Or why not indulge in an Ashridge blockbuster? You know you’ll love it!
Happy New Year
Pear Tree
I’m Dreaming of a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration, family and good cheer, but it can also be consumerist, wasteful and exhausting. With shops, the internet and the media advocating the purchase of more and more presents, mounds of plastic and wrapping paper sent to landfill, and the risk of food waste piling up in the kitchen, I’ve been asking myself how to make Christmas more sustainable this year. Read more...
Rose update

New in, and new to us this year is the gorgeous Black Baccara rose - once sold as the Black Rose (there is no such thing of course) it has to be the darkest rose on sale today. Simply stunning and best planted in groups of three. You can plant it now as all bare-rooted roses are happy to be planted any time from late autumn to early spring, as long as the soil isn’t frozen or sodden. 
We deliver more than 3,000 varieties of plants direct to your door – hedging, garden and fruit trees, bulbs, climbers, roses, soft fruit, flowering seedlings and planting accessories.

Have a look online and leave the rest to us – we look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime enjoy your garden and (hopefully!) some lovely weather.  

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