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A profound thank you to all our customers for your patience and loyalty over the last few weeks. It’s been a tough time for everyone and your forbearance with any delays has been hugely appreciated. We’re fulfilling orders as quickly as possible; please rest assured we won’t forget yours, so no need to email us – we’ll email you just before your order is  despatched.
…go out in the midday sun. After the wettest February, the driest April and the hottest
April day ever recorded, we are indeed gratefully tottering by gently into our gardens in this glorious sunshine. And thank heavens for this comment-worthy weather – an alternative, very British, topic of conversation to the crisis. Of course, being of a certain geographical heritage, we have to find a downside to lament, which is, unsurprisingly, the need to water, water and water again.
Climbers; such clever plants they are. Gorgeous in their own right, they’re like a fabulous linen shift dress in terms of looking great whilst covering up a multitude of sins (specifically the new-look lockdown figure - Rubens-esque springs to mind in our household). So transform anything less than perfect in your garden into a thing of beauty with a scramble of clematis, ivy, hydrangeas, jasmine or honeysuckle.
Watering is top of the agenda, especially so in this hot dry weather.

Water plants that are new or establishing as they are the most vulnerable to the drought conditions we're having at the moment. Water at the base of each plant to encourage deeper roots and either in the evening or morning to prevent too much evaporation.

Water containers and pots as regularly as you can as they dry out quicker, make sure you water your vegetable patch and greenhouse. Don't worry about lawns, as the grass will come back in time.

Please note: Lavender does not like it's roots in water and does not require as much water as other plants, particularly if it is a clay soil.
Gardening jobs for May
June’s mantra is weed, feed, water and mulch…
  • Keep ahead of the weed game – weeds steal water from legit residents apart from anything else.
  • Feed flowering plants regularly.
  • Water thoroughly in early morning or evening.
  • Mulch to help reduce weeds and water loss.
  • Deadhead roses; cut down to the next 5-leaf leaflet to keep them flowering.
  • Pick sweet peas daily to stop them going to seed, at which point they will give up producing those glorious scented blooms. Bad news.
  • Lift and divide snowdrops and bluebells once the leaves have turned yellow.
  • Cut back daffodils.
  • Pick rocket before it rockets off and goes to seed.
  • Watch for pests on fruit and veg and deal with them according to your principles…
  • Pick and sow lettuces little and often for a steady supply rather than an industrial sized glut followed by a salad famine.

The current spell of hot, dry weather has created a challenge for most gardeners - April was the driest on record and May is looking like the summer of 2018. A drought is a prolonged period of low rainfall...

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Drought-proof Gardening

It’s been the driest April on record in the UK and the weather continues to represent drought conditions, and my London garden is looking pretty parched.

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National Gardening Week - from my garden

At last there has been some rain - a decent amount today and the forecast is that there will be some for the next few days. It means we don't have to go round the whole garden constantly watering.

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We deliver more than 2,500 varieties of plants direct to your door – garden and fruit trees, bulbs, climbers, roses, lavender, soft fruit, flowers, herbs and accessories. Have a look online and leave the rest to us – we look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime enjoy your garden and (hopefully!) some lovely weather.  
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