Plant of the month

With St David's Day on 1st March the plant of the month has to be the daffodil. So walk around your garden/orchard/hedgerows and note down areas which would look good under a carpet of gold, white or even pink. You can't plant them now, but if you can visualise them at this time of year, then you know what to order in the autumn.


View our Daffodil Bulbs here.


Bulbs in the Green

Last couple of weeks when you can order bulbs in the green. Unlike most bulbs, aconites, bluebells and snowdrops establish most successfully when planted about now. Have a look at our range of bulbs in the green.


If you are not sure what to do, Our tipsheet on planting Aconites applies to the other bulbs in the green as well.


If you missed the announcement last month, we are offering a range of herbs for the first time. These come as plugs and are delivered from late March/early April depending on the weather. You will see the list has most things you will need in the kitchen and we do hope you give it a try. Why not order some to be delivered with your lavender?


You can order english lavender any time now - deliveries start when we think the risk of hard frost has passed, which generally means around the end of April. So no need to panic. However, it is a very good idea to prepare your lavender bed now. Have a look at our advice sheet if you're not sure what to do.

Jobs for March

Gardens are beginning to wake up which means that pleasure and workloads increase in almost equal proportions. So here is an aide memoire of gardening jobs for March that you can tackle whenever the rain stops....

Top Tip

March is the time to cut your shrubby dogwoods down to as close to ground level as you can. Prune each stem to no more than six inches (15 cms) above the soil. This encourages brightly coloured, whippy, leafless stems for winter interest next year.

Jobs for February


Don't forget Stuart's beekeeping tips - this can be a busy month for beekeepers everywhere.

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