North Facing Walls

Why does the image of the North Face of the Eiger appear at the mention of a north facing wall? Many gardeners see them as unscaleable, but they make up about 25% of the wall space of your average house and it’s a shame to waste such an opportunity, So here are a few ways of tackling this heartsink area of the garden. 

Famous Five for March

Many plants are beginning to look good in March. It is spring after all. However, Georgina – who knows about these things – has picked out five that you can rely on to look fabulous every year, irrespective of the weather. These are just really good “doers” and no garden should be without them. 

All about Lavender

It is of course much too early to plant lavender outside, but it is a good time to be ordering it for delivery in about 6 weeks and to be thinking about preparing its place in the garden. The best varieties for growing outside are all called Lavandula angustifolia “something” (Hidcote, Munstead, Alba, Rosea etc). 

Cage fighters...

As you are all trying to cut down on food miles and plastic packaging while upping your consumption of fruit and veg we thought you might enjoy our hypothetical "soft fruit for four package". This will ensure that you're topped up on antioxidants, never short of ideas in the kitchen, but not swamped with guilt-induced cooking. You will need a cage though. Anyway, here goes…

Julian’s Top Tip

Bulbs in the green are understood and planted less than they should be. Now is the perfect time for planting them. You will have been aware of the late winter gaps in your garden for the last two months and you can still clearly see them. By April they will have vanished under the wonder that is a British spring. So order bulbs in the green now to plant this month, to enjoy next spring. 

Some Climb and some just Ramble

The Eiger is mentioned earlier in this newsletter. So, while on the subject of climbing, one of the most common questions our support team hear is " What is the difference between a climbing and a rambling rose?" It’s a bit like what is the difference between a walk and a hike, so we thought we would give it some in-depth treatment.

March Must-dos....

A month for mulching and much else but the main theme is that the bare root season is nearly at an end and we begin to focus on our pot grown plants. That does not mean however that it is feet up and slippers by the fire time, so click here for our round up of the essential works that are required of you this month. Then look forward to buds breaking, bulbs bursting and clematis beginning.....can't alliterate everything!

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