Good stuff for your garden this February...
Spring flowering Daffs
Weeping Ornamental Cherry

Standard, standard! 

Much of this letter is about the snow. Although we said that the last lift of standards for this season would be towards the end of February, that was not possible for obvious reasons. As the ground takes time to thaw, we have only just started lifting again and will be at it until the end of the coming week. So if you want to place an order for ornamental standards - the largest trees we sell - you can still do so until midnight on Monday 12th March. Weather permitting we will be delivering in the week of 19th March - or later if you prefer. 

Bulbs in the Green

Bulbs are more forgiving than trees so with the ground softening, lifting is in full swing again. We will carry on digging up aconites, bluebells and snowdrops until mid-April or they run out whichever comes first.

Remember they are easy to plant, are great gap fillers and will be fully established next spring.

So, if you have not ordered already, now is the time...

Julian's Top Tip - Don't panic

The effects of the recent cold snap will be felt for quite some time to come.

As the Americans say "the take away" is that spring will be later than usual, so there is no special hurry to plant, certainly not while there is still snow lying over the majority of the UK. As a result, the rest of March and the first half of April will be perfect for planting.

If you want to learn more then why not read about plants, planting and cold weather.
English Lavender


Our plants are kept outside (snow and all) and are then grown on to be covered in bud by the end of April. They are fantastic plants which is why we always sell out. So, please order now to avoid disappointment later. 

Please bear with us... 

...Catching up after snow takes a bit of time. Couriers are overburdened, plants are under snow and roots take what seems like an age to relax sufficiently to let them be lifted safely.

And while they are "relaxing", the depredations of hungry animals - deer and rabbits (see picture) being the worst - means that there are inevitably unexpected shortages as a result of damage. 

Narcissus canaliculatus

At their best in March...

With the cold weather, most plants that begin to show in March will be held back well into April. However, we have picked out a few that you can count on to look good in any year, irrespective of the weather. These are just really good “doers” and no garden should be without them. Not to order now, just to remember to plant in the autumn.

Have a look at our picks for your March garden.

Last of the Autumn Sown Sweet Peas

We are just about out of our autumn sown sweet peas. There are only a very few varieties left but some of those are stunning. Brilliant root systems and strong plants which we will deliver when it is just a bit warmer.

Remember that sweet peas are greedy and so love a bed (or pot) with plenty of well rotted organic matter incorporated. Prepare that now and they will race away in April. 

Jobs for March

For those of you who are not putting your feet up after a hard week shovelling snow here is a full list of jobs for March that you might like to cast your eye over. Given the weather, it is probably better to concentrate on the heavy lifting type jobs now and leave the rest until the end of the month. No hurry to prune for example..

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