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The recent rain has changed the condition of the soil from concrete to perfect (isn't nature wonderful?).

So if you have been dawdling around your garden enjoying the end of a marvellous summer, now is the time to wake up and take stock.  Beds to dig, bulbs to plant, hedges to plan...

All of which makes this a great time to order what you will need to plant later this autumn. Bulbs from the end of this month onwards and large treeshedgingrosesfruit trees and soft fruit plants once we get properly into autumn.

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Energy Saving Bulbs

Even the best LED's have nothing on a handful of your average spring flowering bulbs. Once planted, they use 100% free solar power to light your garden for years. And unlike any LED these bulbs multiply for free.

They only really switch off when the rest of your garden has begun to wake up...

Oh yes, and they are a lot cheaper than any low energy bulb you can find! Especially with Code PP918

If you are not sure what to do, have a look at our bulb advice pages

Julian's Top Tip -
Remember your Friends

September tends to be the month when we start to clear up in the garden. When you do that, you reduce the availability of safe habitats for wildlife.

So, if you can, in an unobtrusive corner of your garden, start a pile of prunings and loppings where it can be left all winter. Don't make it tidy and let it collect leaves and "stuff" as it grows. A metre square and half a metre tall and you have a haven for a vast range of mammals, amphibians and insects allowing them to hibernate through the winter in warmth and safety. 


Social Climbers

Don't forget that September is a great planting month for container grown stock. It leaves plenty of time for your new arrivals to make root while the soil is still warm - before winter arrives (especially if you use Rootgrow).

As a result, they are already established when they break into growth next spring and you get a better, bigger, more floriferous plant as a reward. Ivies love this as do ClematisWisteria and Jasmine (pictured).

Plants of the Month?

Impossible to choose one - for example your dahlias will still be going strong as will Cosmos (do they ever stop?)

Cyclamen begin to make an appearance now. If you haven't any, don't be put off by their delicate looks - they are as tough as they are beautiful. I have a corm, the size of a dinner plate that was a baby in 1979 and that has moved house with me more than once. It carries far too many flowers to count.

Pyracantha are covered in colourful berries now and will be, well into winter. Evergreen, grows in shade, flowers its socks off in early summer and thorns thrown in for free. Perfect.

Click here to read the full article.

Hedge Planning

Start planning your next hedge now. Measure up and decide what sort of hedge you want. If you use weedkillers, spray off the weeds. If you don't, cut them down and be prepared to do it again before covering the planting area with a weed suppressing fabric such as Mypex before planting.

For formal hedges, improve the soil and prepare a trench.

For any long hedge, book your friends in to come and stay for a week-end in November (to help). And order your plants not forgetting to save P&P using the code PP918

If you don't know what to do, watch our planting videos or read about how to plant a hedge here


Wallflowers are back in fashion. Beautifully scented, they grow really well with the later flowering tulips first complementing them and then hiding their dying foliage.

Conveniently, they can be planted (and ordered) at the same time. 

Our seedlings have their noses above ground aiming for despatch in October/November with your tulips. 

They are best planted in drifts, but if you have not grown them before, why not try a pack and see.

September jobs

While you are pondering all of these suggestions and working out where your new hedge is going to be and whether the spot you fancy is sunny enough for a greengage (or if ivy will just have to do) why not take a look at our Gardening tips for September.

They are truly inspirational - even if the inspiration is just to make a cuppa, have a slice of carrot cake and read them more carefully... while it rains outside.

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