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Wet, Windy Weather: How Do We Outwit It?

What a Christmas and New Year we have had with all the terrible gales and floods that have battered the country and made headlines. Our gardens have been left drenched, trees uprooted and ground waterlogged. So what can we gardeners do to restore the equilibrium? Certainly this is a question many clients have been asking us which is why we make the weather our latest special blog written by our walking, talking resident encyclopaedia, Ashridge owner Julian. We consider some solutions, look more broadly at the unseasonable weather we have been battling since last October and also provide the results of our own global warming research. We hope you find the special informative and do feel free to add your own thoughts and comments.


Introducing Our New Green Bulbs

We are delighted to have for the first time part-grown bulbs that you can plant in your garden in Spring. These are freshly lifted plants while in leaf and possibly in flower too. Our initial range features snowdrops. The advantage of green bulbs is that they establish more readily than stored bulbs, as long as they are transplanted quickly.

It Wasn't All Bad In 2013...

We may feel battered by the inclement weather, but the reality was that in many ways 2013 was a really good year, particularly for wildlife such as butterflies. One of our own personal highlights was joining forces with the RSPB remember, bumper crops from fruiting trees and fabulus fungi. Read our 2013 round-up for more.

We Have A Winner!

Witty, clever and sophisticated, this was how our judges described our winning entry for our 12 Days of Christmas competition. Congratulations to Judith Williams who penned the verse: she receives 20% off her next order. Judith clearly is a bit of a gardening guru and has the mind of a crossword puzzle setter. See her entry here. Thank you to all who participated.

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