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'Give an Elm a Home' - introducing the Morfeo elm
The 'Morfeo' elm - available only from Ashridge Nurseries
Help us to bring elms back to the British countryside - 'Give an Elm a Home'

The brand new, Dutch Elm disease-resistant Morfeo elm is available now. It is a cross between the english elm and the chinese elm with a little smattering of hybrid elm mixed in. Morfeo was bred in Florence and has been tested since 1994 with a 100% success rate. It is in extremely limited supply, and available exclusively from Ashridge Nurseries. Orders will be dealt with on a first come first served basis and when our stock is gone, you will be able to go on a waiting list for plants to be delivered in 2015. Go on - give an elm a home.
Now taking orders for bareroot plants
Is it really a year since we last opened to orders for the bareroot season?!

But here we are, looking forward to making those first bareroot deliveries in November. Reserve your plants now - we don't take payment until your plants leave us.

Choose and reserve your bareroot plants
NEW Spring flowering bulbs
Spring flowering bulbs
If we get another sorry spring like the last one, a sea of bright, early colour will be just the antidote.

It's the right time to get spring flowering bulbs in the ground - naturalised into grass; sat beneath orchard trees; or gathered under a hedgerow.

Spring flowering bulbs to brighten your world
Autumn blaze
Autumn blaze
We've brought together our favourite trees and shrubs for creating dazzling autumn colours.

Shy and retiring types through summer, these plants put on their best show once the cold nights draw in!

Part one: Autumn colour trees (part two next time!)
Speaking of autumn... buckle up, grease up!
Buckle up your young trees - and grease your fruit trees too
It's getting breezy. Both newly-planted and young trees will need a little extra support to make it through to spring. So brace those buckles and secure those stakes.

And it won't be long before a few moths start heading for your fruit trees to lay eggs... grease 'em and trap 'em.

Get your buckles, stakes, grease and moth traps
Ashridge Nurseries and RSPB - 'Giving Nature A Home'
RSPB picks Ashridge Nurseries for new Nature Friendly Collection
Have you checked out our new RSPB-approved Nature Friendly Collection?

The collection, which will grow over time, brings you native British plants with excellent wildlife value.

And the RSPB receives 15% of everything you spend - even more reason for you to create new wildlife habitat in your back yard.

The RSPB-approved Nature Friendly Collection
Looking good on the nursery
Looking good on the nursery
The potted plants on the nursery are certainly sitting pretty - many are beginning to take on some lovely autumn hues.

Here is our selection of potted plants that are looking just great right now:

Green beech | Copper beech | Cherry laurel
Common box | Green privet | Viburnum tinus
Pyracantha Orange Glow | Lawson's cypress
Your views help us to serve you better
Buckle up your young trees - and grease your fruit trees too
Feefo has recently contacted 5,000 of our customers - and you gave us a 97% service satisfaction rating.

We would love the opportunity to make it 100%! Look out for our feedback surveys when you buy from us. And please do continue to give us your feedback.

Independent customer feedback from Feefo
Photo competition
Autumn photo competition
Autumn is the best time of year to snap stunning shots of your favourite woods and countryside walks. Colours, textures, beautiful light - we're expecting good things!

The theme is 'When autumn leaves...' and there's over £100 in vouchers up for grabs.

Autumn photo competition (and summer's winners!)
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