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Planting boots at the ready!
Spade and gardening boots at the ready, conditions for planting are perfect!
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The wet ground is slowly warming up - exactly what bareroot plants need
A more unusual fruit tree (or three)
  Gardening jobs for February
  Have you ever wanted to step off the trodden path of growing apples, cherries, plums and the like, to explore something a little more unusual?

Growing fig, quince and medlar comes with its own unique challenges, but the reward is a distinctly different crop!

Ancient and unusual fruits
Organic methods for rose pest and disease prevention
  Gardening jobs for February
  If your aim is to garden organically, and you're also a rose lover, this article might just be for you!

Here are some great tips for managing rose pests and diseases by planting other, complementary species... most importantly, garlic!

Taking organic care of your roses
Bareroot: Roses
  Gardening jobs for February
  Roses are a traditional favourite - and relatively easy to grow too. Varieties such as You're Beautiful and Alberic Barbier always impress.

Bring a bit of cottage garden into your life! And do read our article on how to care for roses organically.

Over 190 varieties of rose to choose from
Bareroot: Fruit trees
  Gardening jobs for February
  Your own fruit trees - the stuff of kitchen garden heaven and childhood scrumping memories!

And there's always something different out there - fig, medlar, quince... read about these ancient and unusual fruits in our blog.

Apples, pears, cherries, figs, quince and more!
Bareroot: Hedging
  Gardening jobs for February
  Hedging can create privacy, define garden borders, encourage wildlife, provide year-round interest, obscure unwanted views... the list goes on!

If you'd like a little inspiration, make a cuppa and read our guide to choosing the right hedge.

Browse our range of quality hedging plants
Bareroot: Ornamentals
  Gardening jobs for February
  Ornamental trees can make a delicate focal point, or the grandest of statements!

You're sure to find just the right tree in our range. Maybe a Himalayan birch, a Weeping willow, an English oak, a Flat-headed lime or a 'John Downie' crabapple?

Make a statement with ornamentals
Bareroot: Soft fruit
  Gardening jobs for February
  The resurgence of 'grow-your-own' is certainly being felt here. Our soft fruit range is proving ever more popular.

Choose carefully and you'll be cropping fruit right through the summer and well into autumn!

Grow (more of!) your own with our soft fruit range
Use Rootgrow every time you plant
  Gardening jobs for February
  At the checkout, we now give you the option to add just the right amount of Rootgrow to your order, based on the plants in your basket. Rootgrow is used just once, at planting time. It greatly improves establishment and helps nourish the plant for life - 100% organic too.

We'll work out the Rootgrow needed for your plants
Photo competition: March winners, and April's theme!
  Gardening jobs for February
  You can now see last month's winning photos, and all the shortlisted entries, on Pinterest. 1st place (and a £50 voucher) goes to P Rowe, who sent in this lovely nodding snowdrop - a great shot.

April's competition theme is: 'Spring wildlife'

Send your 'Spring wildlife' photos in by 21 March
Recipe: Quick banana and blueberry ice cream
  Gardening jobs for February
  Here is a simply fantastic way to use frozen blueberries. The only other ingredient you'll need are some frozen (preferably overripe) bananas.

This tasty, healthy and speedy recipe comes from The Devilled Egg Kitchen Academy.

Desserts shouldn't be this easy, should they?
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  Gardening jobs for February
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  Gardening jobs for February
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