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25% off pot-grown beech and hornbeam
Order your English lavender today
Top quality, pot-grown green beech, copper beech and hornbeam - all 25% off*
* Prices shown on our website include the 25% discount. Pot-grown plants only.
Why choose pot-grown hedging?
  Pot-grown hedging
  Plan as we might, there will always be a need to put new hedging plants in the ground outside of the bareroot season... and pot-grown hedging is the answer.

Why not take advantage of our 25% discount on potted green beech, copper beech and hornbeam?

Choosing potted hedging | Browse our hedging plants
Summer photo competition - and spring's winners
  Spring competition winner: J Haase
  Spring's photo competition winners have been revealed on our blog, and you can see all of the shortlisted photos on our Pinterest page.

And our summer competition is now open for entries! The theme is: 'A green and pleasant land'

Summer photo competition (and spring winners!)
"Hey, good looking..."
  What's looking good on the nursery?
  As spring turns to summer there's always something new on the nursery that catches our eye. Here are a few plants that we think are looking particularly pretty at the moment:

Green beech | Copper beech | Hornbeam
Cotoneaster | Cherry laurel | Viburnum tinus
Pyracantha Orange Glow | Blackcurrant 'Ebony'
Quick and quirky ways to use fresh fruit!
  Fresh ways to use fresh fruit!
  We asked our good friends at Bristol's Devilled Egg Kitchen Academy to come up with unusual ideas to use fresh fruit in a savoury way.

They did, and here they are!

Fresh ideas for fresh fruit...
IMPORTANT! Keep newly planted trees and hedging well-watered
  Water newly planted trees and hedging well
  Warm, dry weather is a long-awaited, welcome change.

But for newly planted trees, hedging, bushes and shrubs, it can be a real killer.

Please make sure you water them well!
Ashridge Nurseries goes peat and neonicotinoid free
  Ashridge Nurseries goes peat and neonicotinoid free
  If you missed our news about going peat and neonicotinoid free on the nursery, we thought that it was worth a little reminder.

We have, and always will, do our to bit to care for the environment and the wildlife within it - after all, where would we be without it?

No peat or neonicotinoids at Ashridge Nurseries
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