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'Bobby's Girl' Sweet Pea Plants'Bobby's Girl' Sweet Pea Plants

'Bobby's Girl' Sweet Pea Plants

Lathyrus odoratus 'Bobby's Girl'

The details

  • Colour: pale pink and cream
  • Stem: long
  • Height: 1.8m
  • Scent: good
  • Flowering: June to September
  • Planting Months: March-June
  • Type: Spencer
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
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Bobby's Girl Sweet Pea

Bobby's Girl is a delicate, Spencer type sweet pea with large flowers and long, straight stems. The pale salmon colouring is more intense towards the outer edges of the gently ruffled petals, which are a rich cream at the centre. Its scent is deliciously sweet, around medium intensity: on a scale of 1-6, Roger Parsons lists it as a 3. She's lovely to look at and is a good strong, reliable grower, like the rest of our sweet pea range.

Our Sweet Peas are delivered in purpose-designed, recycled cardboard packaging, and are ready to be planted out when you get them.
We generally send them out between March and May, but we will email you with the likely delivery timescale once you have placed your order.

In the garden

It's a must in any dedicated potager or cutting garden. For a gorgeous pastel combination, try growing it with the striking purple Spencer, Noel Sutton. Or grow alongside a shrub rose such as blush pink Fritz Nobis (another AGM winner) and she'll twine herself through its branches. A few sweet peas planted with runner or French beans is a winning combination, as the sweet peas will help with the pollination of your beans.

As with all sweet peas, tying in is key, then keeping her fed and watered throughout summer, as they're hungry and thirsty plants. Bobby's Girl is an excellent flower for cutting and, like all sweet peas, the more you cut, the more flowers the plant will produce.
You'll need to give Bobby's Girl some support to climb up, maybe a pergola or a wigwam of canes.

Did You Know?

She was bred by the Lancashire family firm Boltons in 2000. Robert Bolton, the company's founder, was awarded the Victoria Medal for Horticulture in 1948, for his work on the development of the Spencer sweet pea.

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