Canaliculatus Dwarf Daffodils (Dwarf Daffodil, 'Canaliculatus')Canaliculatus Dwarf Daffodils (Dwarf Daffodil, 'Canaliculatus')

'Canaliculatus' Dwarf Daffodil Bulbs

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The details

  • Group 8: Tazetta Daffodil
  • Colour: yellow/white
  • Height:B 15 cm
  • Spread: yes
  • Scent: sweet
  • Flowering: March - April
  • Depth:10/15 cm
  • Planting: Sept-Nov
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Narcissus Canaliculatus

A very long name for a dear, little flower, Narcissus canaliculatus is a miniature polyanthus (many flowered), which makes it not only pretty tiny but also that there are three or four flowers per stem. Each flower is like a little fried quail's egg with its neat, golden yellow cup surrounded by a skirt of slightly reflexing white petals in its perianth. For such a tiny flower it can really pack a punch in the smell department with that amazingly sweet fragrance exclusive to the Narcissi family. The foliage is very erect and blue green so it does not flop everywhere making it a great addition to our range of narcissus bulbs.

Go forth and multiply!

The thing about these flowers, apart from their obvious beauty and their smell, is that they naturalise really well so that if left alone they actually improve and spread and become more of a feature. Their size dictates that they live somewhere like a rockery where they look lovely surrounded by any low growing heathers. But they will do well in grass so long as you do not mow their foliage before it has properly died down and of course near to the edge of a border or along a path. They lend themselves to being placed in pots or window boxes close to open windows or doors so that their scent can waft in to find you. For those who prefer a monotone miniature, try out Tete a Tete, an RHS AGM winning yellow variety.

Features of Narcissus Canaliculatus

  • Group 8: Tazetta Daffodil
  • Colour: yellow/white
  • Height: up to 15 cm
  • Spread: yes will spread in clumps until you divide them
  • Scent: very sweet
  • Flowering Outside: March - April
  • Planting Depth: 10/15 cm
  • Planting Months: Sept-Nov
  • Foliage: Blue/green

Did you know?

It belongs to a group of daffodils that were known as the Poet's flowers because of the contrast in the size and colour of their perianths with their cup. The most famous of these is Narcissus actaea.