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Alba Camassia Bulbs (Camassia leichtlinii Alba) Img 1Alba Camassia Bulbs (Camassia leichtlinii Alba) Img 1Alba Camassia Bulbs (Camassia leichtlinii Alba) Img 2Alba Camassia Bulbs (Camassia leichtlinii Alba) Img 3Alba Camassia Bulbs (Camassia leichtlinii Alba) Img 4

White Camass Bulbs

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The details

  • Colour: white
  • Height: 90cm
  • Scent: none
  • Flowering: Apr-May
  • Bulb size: 14cm
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Camassia Alba Bulbs - White Indian Hyacinth

Camassia leichtlenii Alba is one of the rising stars of the late-spring show. Growing up to 90cm tall, her flower spikes shoot up from mid spring to become tall, eye-catching affairs, a little like a taller, grander, looser bluebell but in white. The star-shaped blooms open along the length of the spikes from the bottom upwards, the buds a serene creamy white. She lasts well in a vase too, where the flowers will bring a lovely dewy freshness. Shop for some pretty spring companion bulbs here.

Growing Camassias

Bulbs can be planted from autumn into winter, as always pointed end up, and around 10-15cm deep. They appreciate a heavy, rich soil that's moist in spring and dries out in summer, so they're ideal for clay soils. That said, they're pretty easygoing and simple to grow. The flowers last longer in light shade, although they're happy in sun, too. Let the leaves die back fully before removing, and if you're planting in a particularly frost-prone spot, mulch well with garden manure in autumn for a little extra protection.

Planting companions for Camassia

Camassias look wonderful planted en masse in a wildflower meadow, where they will light up the area from April until late May, naturalising and spreading to form sizeable clumps. Plant alongside other damp meadow lovers such as snake's head fritillary, purple or white, for a fabulous late-spring show. In borders, plant them in the mid section, and combine this white variety with more late-spring bulbs such as alliums. Plant under a wisteria for a fabulous late-summer combination.


  • Colour: pure white
  • Height: 90cm
  • Scent: none
  • Flowering: April-May
  • Bulb size: 14cm

Did you know?

These plants hail from North America, where native Americans valued the bulbs as a food crop. The US Lewis and Clark expedition (1803-1806) traversed the wilds of the US, exploring the newly acquired western territories, where native Americans presented it to them as a 'great treat'.

Cultivation Instructions

Camassia leichtlinii Alba bulbs. Plant 10-15cm deep and 20cm apart in rich, moist soil in sun or part shade, pointed end upwards.