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Slender Silhouette Liquidambar Trees

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The details

Delivered in Large Sizes
  • Slender column shape, max. 2m wide.
  • Colourful leaves, autumn colour.
  • Good for small garden.
  • Pot Grown: Year Round Delivery
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12 Litre
4 +
£ 89.99
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Despatched from late August

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Slender Silhouette

Liquidambar Slender Silhouette is the go-to tree for any gardener looking for a tall slender tree that performs the same function as Italian Cypress. Most liquidambars are big trees when mature. Slender Silhouette is somewhat different. It is fast growing and can reach quite a height - 15-20 metres would be normal. Where it differs from the rest of its family is that it is astonishingly slim. Even fully grown, two adults can make a circle around it holding hands. More appropriate in many settings perhaps than Leylandii.

Its sylph-like figure together with the glorious autumn tints it produces from late August onwards make it the perfect large tree for a small garden. It can be used as a focal point or as a distraction from some tall object in the background. Planted close, 2 or 3 can make an immensely effective screen to hide a blot on the local landscape such as a tower block or, given time, a wind turbine.

Whilst it is deciduous, it carries pleasing maple like leaves from early spring onwards which with its autumn colour and shape make it a most pleasant addition to any garden.