What if I can't plant my order as soon as it arrives?

It is ideal to plant your order as soon as possible after delivery but if planting is delayed, everything will be fine! Both bareroot and pot-grown plants can be stored for a long time if necessary.

If bareroot planting is delayed in winter:
If your bareroot plants arrive and planting will be delayed for less than a week, do not open the packaging and store them in a cold place out of the sun, ideally outside. It doesn't matter at all if the weather is freezing, but you must not move the plants around when they are frozen.
If a week passes and planting is delayed even further, you need to make sure that the roots of your plants remain moist.

  • If you have a large order, we suggest slitting a hole in the top of each bag and spraying a hose down into it. Repeat this every week or two.
  • If you only have a few plants, you can "heel them in" by digging a little trench, lying the plants on their sides with their roots in the trench and covering them with soil (old carpet is also useful for this).

Bareroot plants must be planted properly by March in the South. Scottish gardeners can usually get away with planting well into April.

If pot-grown planting is delayed:
Simply put your plants in a sunny place and water them when the top inch of soil is dry. This might be every day or two in a scorching hot mid-summer, but during a wet winter it usually isn't necessary.

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