Blackcurrant Muffin Hydrangea Plants

General Info Shrub
Shade Full Sun, Partial Shade
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Soil Good, Well Drained, Acidic, Alkaline/Chalky
Colour Blue (Deep), Purple
Type Pot Grown
Ornamental Repeat Flowering
Flowering Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Hydrangea Flair And Flavours

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Blackcurrant Muffin: Hydrangea Flair & Flavours Range. 5 Litre Pots

Fabulous and floriferous mop-head flowers which bloom into a rich purple-blue hue over dark green leaves for almost half the year. A spectacular addition to any garden which would look great in pots. To 1m

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  • Rich Purple-blue flowers
  • Dark green leaves
  • Type: Mop head
  • Blooms June - October
  • Height x Spread: 1m x 1m
  • Low maintenance
  • Delivered in 5 Litre pots

Growing Blackcurrant Muffin Hydrangeas

The Flair & Flavours range are tough, small shrubs that do well in containers. As Reblooming Hydrangeas, they flower on new and old wood.

These hardy Hydrangeas prefer cool and moist soil in a shady and sheltered area: too much sun and wind tends to damage the foliage. Ideally they require rich, well-drained soil that has been improved with plenty of compost that will hold the moisture and nutrients hydrangeas love. Prune out older wood on mature plants in Autumn or late Winter to make way for new growth.

The soil pH can affect the availability of aluminium in the soil, which affects the colour of the flowers. Acidic soil, which is high in available aluminium, turns flowers blue, and lime or alkaline conditions turn them pink (by making the aluminium unavailable).

In Your Garden Design

This richly-coloured number would look fantastic against a white hydrangea or other white plants to give a sense of bold evening light in a shaded area. If shade is lacking, plant taller trees and shrubs behind. Greeny yellow dogwoods work well for this as well as box and yew hedges. the white will bring out the blackcurrant shades of the hydrangea or pair with the slightly neon colour of Salvia Hot Lips. Other shade-friendly plants would also work well, for example, hostas and hellebores, and azaleas and rhododendrons are great companion plants for hydrangeas too. Fabulous in containers planted on either side of a walkway or front door.

Did You Know?

Such is the beauty of the hydrangea mop head and the rich purple colour of the likes of the blackberry muffin variety, that it has inspired bakers to create stunning replicas of them in cupcake form, using a piping bag and coloured buttercream to create the floral pattern on top. The result - the perfect combination for a classic English tea-time repast.

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