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Bone Meal Fertiliser

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Bonemeal Fertiliser

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Bone Meal

This is a long lasting, slow release organic fertiliser for newly planted trees and shrubs. It is excellent for helping roots establish.
Bone Meal an organic source of phosphorous and calcium, with some nitrogen and traces of several important minerals.

We always advise a soil test before using fertilisers: bonemeal won't hurt your plants, but if your soil is already high in Phosphorous and Calcium, it may not be necessary.

In general, Bonemeal is always a good thing to mix into the soil at planting time if your soil is poor.
If you have rich soil, then we still recommend it for "working" plants like fruit trees and soft fruit bushes. Most hedging plants and Standard Trees, especially native species, can do without it if you are on a tight budget.

How to use Bone Meal for Planting:
Bone Meal needs to be mixed well into the soil when you plant your trees. Use 140 grammes per square metre (4oz per square yard).

Bone Meal top Dressing for Roses & other Flowering Plants:
In Spring, dust the same amount as above onto the soil surface, then gently rake it in or mulch over it.

Using Bone Meal on Fruit Trees & Bushes:
In Autumn, dust the same amount as above onto the soil surface, then gently rake it in.

It is recommended for use with all the plants that you can buy on our site.

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Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
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