Crocus Corms (Bulbs) for Sale

Crocus Corms in Premium Sizes

If you sprinkle a few crocus corms around, they will multiply, seeding in some unexpected places and producing lovely heart warming splashes of colour at the tail end of winter. Essential in every garden! 

The expensive spice saffron is painstakingly harvested from Crocus sativus: a different variety to the ones sold here, which are mostly derived from the alpine Crocus vernus.
It takes about 200 Crocus sativus flowers to make one gram of saffron, and because it prefers to grow on a Himalayan mountainside, it's not the best investment for the average British kitchen garden anyway.

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All our crocuses are covered by our no-quibble 1 Year Guarantee, which means you can order with complete confidence. Free delivery on orders over £60. Best advice & friendly support throughout. 

See our handy bulb planting guide for the best flowering results.

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    • Height: 4-5 inches tall.
    • Colour: Deep violet-blue
    • Flowering: Feb/March/April
    • Scented
    • Depth: Twice the height of the bulb
    • Bulb size: 7/8cms
    From £4.19  Inc VAT

    • Height: 10 cm
    • Colour: Lilac
    • Scent: none
    • Flowering: February - March
    • Size: 5 cm
    • Planting depth: 10-15 cm
    • Foliage: linear with silver, central stripe
    • RHS AGM
    From £7.99  Inc VAT

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