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Heaven Scent Sweet Pea Seedlings

Key Data
Area Coastal Areas, Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Colour Pink - Light, White/Cream
Type Rootrained, Seedling
Also Good Fragrant
Flowering May, Jun, Jul, Aug

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Heaven Scent Sweet Pea

Heaven Scent is a really pretty sweet pea with an unbeatable rich fragrance. Another Spencer sweet pea, it has extra large flowers, long straight stems and, unusually for a Spencer, this really special scent. The pale salmon colouring appears to waft over the ruffled outer edges and middle of the petals which are otherwise a lovely intense cream colour. It is stunning to look at and is a strong grower. Heaven Scent is an utterly reliable and charming sweet pea. We do offer others though, so why not look at the full range of our sweet peas.

A stairway to Heaven

Heaven Scent is an excellent cutting flower that should be a definite in any cutting garden or potager. Its scent is hypnotising and the colouring unequalled. Try growing it with the beautiful blue Spencer, Just Julia. You could consider training Heaven Scent up a pergola, structure or stairway but bear in mind that it tends to produce its flowers nearer the top of the plant, unlike the more old-fashioned sweet pea varieties with smaller flowers. But this may work well if Heaven Scent is emerging from a border or is planted behind a rose like Penelope . We would also encourage you to grow a sweet pea or two with your runner beans to help with the pollination and Heaven Scent would be perfect for the runner beans with cream or white flowers.


  • Colour: apricot/pink on cream
  • Stem: long and straight
  • Height: up to 2.2 m
  • Type: Spencer
  • Scent: very fragrant
  • Flowering: May to August
  • Planting Months: March-April

A long ladder of lore

Apparently, sweet peas arrived in Britain when a Sicilian monk sent some seeds to a Middlesex schoolmaster to cultivate. Perhaps he was a classicist because the meaning of "Lathyrus" is pea in Ancient Greek while "Odoratus" means fragrant in Latin. This particular sweet pea was released onto the market in 2007 and was bred by Sydney Harrod at Cooltonagh in Ireland.

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