Loth Lorien Narcissus Bulbs

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Misc Wildlife Value
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Colour White/Cream, Yellow/Gold
Also Good Fragrant
Flowering Mar, Apr

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Loth Lorien Narcissi​

Loth Lorien is a delight. Pure, snow white petals open to frame the shallow, ruffled, lemon yellow trumpet on this beautiful flower. The green at the base becomes more accented as the central corona lightens with the passage of time. This is one of the best of our spring flowering narcissi as, despite its dainty looks, Loth Lorien is a tough as old boots and is one of the best narcissi to grow where the winds blow...

As well as being a superb specimen for naturalising in grass, this is a narcissus that also thrives in flower beds and containers. Because of its height, use it in pots as a central feature.

  • Colour: White/yellow
  • Height: 45 cms
  • Scent: No
  • Flowering: March (in warmer areas) otherwise April
  • Bulb Size: 12/14 cms
  • Planting Depth: 10-15 cms
  • Planting Months: September - November
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