Elegance Strawberry Plants (Fragaria x ananassa Elegance)Elegance Strawberry Plants (Fragaria x ananassa Elegance)

Elsanta Strawberry Plants

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The details

Mid Season

  • Mid June-July
  • Common supermarket variety
  • Medium sized fruit, great flavour.
  • Doesn't bruise easily.
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Elsanta Strawberry Bushes - Mid Season

Description of Elsanta Plants & Fruit:
This is one of the most common commercially grown strawberries. The big, glossy fruit has great flavour, stores well, while the plants are vigorous and crop heavily. Your homegrown crops will be much better than most specimens that you find in the supermarket. A lot of mass-produced soft fruit is grown using techniques that force water into the fruit to make a profit. This is why the flavour can be less than impressive.

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Characteristics of Elsanta:

  • Firm fruit don't bruise easily.
  • Great flavour and good yields.

Growing Elsanta Strawberries:

Not suitable for organic growing and it is slightly less hardy than average, so it will benefit greatly from frost protection during winter. All strawberries need a well drained soil and this is especially true here, as it is prone to root rot on clay soil.

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Background Information:
This is a Dutch variety.