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Pin Oak Sapling Trees

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The details

Quercus palustris

Sapling Trees
  • Best oak for wet & flood prone areas
  • Ideal for roadside planting.
  • Not suitable for hedging.
  • Other Sizes: Larger Standard Trees.
  • Max. Height: 25m
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
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Quercus Palustris Bareroot Saplings

Delivered by Mail Order Direct from our Nursery with a Year Guarantee

Pin Oak, Quercus palustris, is a big tree but not as spreading as other oaks. It is the best Oak for wet soils that are prone to winter flooding and it also thrives on heavy clay in built up urban areas. It is not suitable for a clipped hedge but makes a good screening tree up to about 25 metres high. It is also an excellent windbreak tree.
The plants on this page are young saplings. You can also buy larger Pin Oak trees here.Pin Oak saplings are only delivered bareroot, during winter (Nov-March).

All of our young trees are measured by their height in centimetres above the ground (the roots aren't measured). See our full range of hedging options.

General description of Quercus palustris plants:

Pin Oak is more slender and elegant that our sturdy, stout native oaks, with a more conical canopy that makes it suitable for city planting where space is limited. It is a versatile tree that grows in most fertile soils, apart from chalk. Young trees will tolerate partial shade, as long as the tree will get more light as it grows upwards. It has good autumn colour: russet bronze flushed with deep orange.

History & uses of Quercus palustris

This North American tree was brought to Britain in 1800. It is a popular street tree and is widely planted in the USA and Australia. Pin Oak's common name may derive from the short twigs on its main branches, or from the hardwood nails that were made from its timber in the past. It is good firewood.