Plum Fruit Moth Trap

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Moth Trap - Plum Fruit
Plum Fruit Moth Trap

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Pheromone Plum Fruit Moth Trap

The caterpillars of Plum fruit moths are one of the major pests that damage damsons, gages and plums. A plum fruit moth trap has two purposes - it traps the male Plum Fruit moth thereby stopping it from fertilising the female and by catching them it warns you of their presence in your orchard so you can take more aggressive steps against them if you like.

Plum Fruit moth traps should be hung among your plum trees between the end of May and the end of August when you can take them down, clean them out for use next year and get rid of the bait and sticky trap inside. We sell refills every year.

The Plum fruit moth trap uses the pheromone scent of the female Plum fruit moth to first attract and then catch male Plum fruit moths. It is therefore free from insecticides and so safe for use by organic growers. It also has the merit of not being attractive to beneficial insects, while the entrance to the trap is too small to let birds in.

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