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Porous Hose kit

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Type Hedge Planting Kit, Tree Planting Kit

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Leaky Pipe watering hoses

These pipes are 13mm in diameter and will leak 2-4 litres of water per hour per metre. Using a leaky pipe on an automatic timer, you can save around 70% of the water you would use by watering with a normal hose, not to mention all that time!

  • Use Porous Hose for watering newly planted hedging and shrub borders until they have established.
  • Porous Hose uses significantly less water than conventional hoses and delivers the water to exactly where the plant needs it so establishment and growth are enormously improved.
  • Leaky pipe works by letting the water slowly seep out along the length of the pipe & then soaking into the soil where the plant roots can take it up with minimum wastage. It works well on a low pressure system & is ideal with water butts.
  • This leaky pipe kit is available in two kit lengths of 15 and 30 metres. Both come complete with end cap and barbed fittings to attach it to 1/2" hose pipe.

Porous hoses only need low water pressure: a quarter to a half turn of the tap is enough (that's 0.25 to 3 Bar). You can lay the pipe straight or snake it if necessary. Bury it 10-15cm deep in the soil if you want. Water will spread between 30cm and 50cm on each side of the pipe, depending on the soil type.

Our Porous hoses are made from recycled material.

Porous hoses are most commonly used for watering hedging plants. They can also be used for rows of Standard trees and Fruit Trees.

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