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Fuchsias are small shrubs with exotic flowers that like a sheltered garden, and the varieties below are hardy in most of the UK, preferring urban microclimates in the coldest parts of Scotland.

Depending on your location and the variety, it is normal for these fuchsias to die back like a herbaceous perennial in winter, and regrow from the crown below soil level. 

First recorded by Father Charles Plumier in the Dominican Republic and named after Leonard Fuchs (1501-1566), a 16th-century Bavarian botanist and physician, wild fuchsias were first cultivated for their berries, and a few regions in South America grow and sell them locally.
In general, when ornamental varieties do produce fruit, most have no flavour, but there are some that are still sweet. At home, they are pollinated by humming birds. 
The British Fuchsia Society, established 1938, is based in Bristol, and many well-loved cultivars were bred in Britain.

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