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Colour Yellow/Gold
Type Floribunda
Ornamental Qualities Fragrant, Repeat Flowering

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Absolutely Fabulous Floribunda Roses

This really is a smashing little rose. Absolutely Fabulous won the Rose of the Year 2010 and deservedly so. It flowers incessantly between June and the first frosts. During that time it is covered in warm, buttery yellow flowers. It is a relatively small floribunda, rarely exceeding 1 metre in height which makes it is ideal for small spots at the front of a border. It is also excellent lining a path and Absolutely Fabulous can also be grown in a large container on a terrace or a patio.

Add to its size and flowering, a gentle but persistent fragrance together with good disease resistance and you can begin to understand why this was the best rose of its year. Roses take a bit of time to become firm favourites and this is one that is still new enough to catch the eye.

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