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Tulipa Apricot Foxx

We can only imagine that that extra x means that it is extra special but there is nothing of the low cunning of a fox in this tulip. Apricot Foxx tulips look like a watercolour of a sunset. They are extraordinarily lovely. The centre of each petal is a delicate, pinky apricot colour (unsurprisingly) but it dissolves into a gentle buttery yellow towards each petal edge. In colder spring weather the colour intensifies and becomes more vivid. A classic tulip shape and growing to mid-height makes this a very attractive and versatile plant.

A Den for your Apricot Foxx

Apricot Foxx is original enough to stand alone but benefits from being surrounded by other tulips that pick out and reflect the many hues of its petals; Christmas Sweet works as does the double early Peach Blossom or the Darwin DayDream. Conversely, it looks stunning when opposed by sultry Queen of Night or the deep, monotone purple of Purple Prince. As one of the taller single earlies it can hold its own in a border appearing through half-grown prairie grasses or next to Fritillaria imperialis ‘Rubra Maxima,’ the Crown Imperial, and would look particularly good against any box in the garden. This is one of the few tulips that really lends itself to being grown against or near brick walls or in terracotta pots because the orangey shades complement each other rather than clash.


  • Height: 45 cm
  • Colour: apricot/yellow
  • Flowering time: mid-April
  • Scent: none
  • Group: Single Early
  • Bulb size: 10/11 cm
  • Foliage: green


Apricot Foxx Tales

This tulip is a baby in tulip terms, having been introduced in 2010. Apricot as a colour has gained in esteem in the garden. Look at the popularity of roses like Buff Beauty, the ultimate in apricot flowerings and in the many tulips that have Apricot in their name. It is all a far cry from that fruit-bearing tree first recognised in Armenia so long ago.

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