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Bamboo Canes

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Bamboo Canes

Even if you live in a very sheltered area, young hedges are best supported by a cane while they establish. If rabbits are in your area, your plants will need a spiral guard, which is supported by a cane (unless the plant is already established or otherwise staked.).

Please note that we do not sell canes without plants - one cane per plant. You can find our Spiral rabbit guards here.

Health warning. Canes should be handled with care. The principal risks are:

  • They can be difficult to see end ways on. So please be careful of canes around eyes. Especially when bending down and weeding in between plants with canes and spirals
  • They are a natural, woody product. The nodes can have sharp edges and if the can breaks it can produce unpleasant splinters. So we advise wearing gloves when handling them.
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