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About 'Doctor Ruppel' Clematis:

'Doctor Ruppel' Clematis produces stunning large bright pink blooms with deep carmine bars and delightful frilled edges, and attractive pale yellow and beige anthers.

They flower profusely from May through to September providing a wonderful source of intense colour right the way through the season

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Great for your garden:

'Doctor Ruppel' Clematis is happiest planted in a freely draining, fertile soil in full sun or partial shade in a nice sheltered spot.

This Clematis looks superb when planted against a wall or trellis, where it can compliment other climbers such as roses. It can also work wonderfully growing through other trees or shrubs. They will only grow up to around 2.5 meters, so they are nice and compact making them suitable for container growing on patios or balconies.

Due to their great performance they have been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

'Doctor Ruppel' Clematis characteristics.

  • Flower colour: Bright pink, deep pink bars
  • Flower shape: Large, open star, overlapping frilled petals
  • Fragrance: Mild
  • Repeating: Yes
  • Approximate flowering season: May - September
  • Final height and spread: 2.5m x 1m
  • Pruning Group 2
  • RHS Award for Garden Merit

    Look out for:

    This Clematis has no notable susceptibilities.


    'Doctor Ruppel' was introduced here in the UK by Jim Fisk in 1975, reputedly through plants sent to him from Argentina by Doctor Ruppel himself!

    Fisk was fanatical about Clematis and he is credited with breeding a number of well known cultivars. He was the first to exhibit Clematis at Chelsea Flower Show, and was responsible for many books on the subject which are still considered essential reading for the Clematis enthusiast.

    Images supplied by Clematis on the Web.

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